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Having the proper boxing equipment can help take you to the top of your game. The feeling of wearing a flashy pair of shorts may boost confidence, but the type of gloves you were is crucial.

Check out our recommendations below along with the cheapest gear. But it is only cheap in price. I have scoured the web to fine the best prices on top quality brands. I will not recommend brands that are not good.

If you want some history on the boxing glove, just go here.


boxing equipment Boxing gloves which began in Greece had little padding. The bouts were meant to be bloody. Today that has changed. Gloves have all different levels of padding, weights and colors!

There are velcro, lace, leather or vinyl. Our Boxing Gloves page will get you set to purchase the gloves you need for your sport whether boxing, mma, or kickboxing.

Look no further to answer the question of if you should use boxing gloves for MMA. I answer that at Boxing Gloves for MMA.

Top Brands Reviewed

Century Leather Boxing Gloves: Lace Up

Century Wristwrap Gloves

Century Youth 6 oz Boxing Gloves

Everlast Boxing Gloves

KWON Boxing Gloves

Title Boxing Reviewed

TKO Boxing Gloves

TWINS Boxing Gloves

UFC Boxing Gloves


boxing equipment Bag gloves, meant for training, are for use on the bag not your opponent. They are not very padded and protect you while working out on a bag but not your opponents face!

Find out the best bag gloves and best prices at our page Bag Gloves. Another piece of boxing equipment you need is bag gloves you'll need handwraps.

Learn the best handwraps and if you need Mexican, herringbone or sports tape... Handwraps for Boxing


boxing equipment Boxing clothing is important for moving and agility in the cage. Plus boxing trunks are pretty cool looking.

MMA shorts can be used for boxing as well. There are some great brands and the brands the pros wear are good and pricey. We have reviewed prices and styles."

Adidas Boxing Shoes


boxing equipment We've talked about a lot of equipment but how about fitness. Check out what you can use in your home gym to get in the best shape possible right here at our page Boxing Training.

Did you know their are five differnt jabs in boxing. We have them all at Boxing Jabs.


boxing equipment Herringbone, Mexican style, cotton or elastic...what are the right hand wraps for your style.

Our Hand Wraps page goes into detail about which hand wraps are the best, what brand it the best, and which hand wraps are right for you.


boxing equipment Are kick boxing gloves the same as boxing?

Do you need vinyl or leather?

Find out the best brands and the type of glove you need right here at out page Kick Boxing Gloves.

For even more detail on the kickboxing gloves and if you ned to use them, see our page Purchasing Top KickBoxing Gloves.


boxing equipment Often maligned and misunderstood, the speed bag has its value. Basically, the movements of the speed bag do not literally translate to the ring.

However, the speed bag should not be dismissed out of hand since it aids in developing hand-eye coordination and ensures you keep your hands up by your chin. Both of these points are most definitely helpful as far as developing boxing skills go. We got into detail about the speed bag use in this article.


boxing equipment Yes! There is a difference in men's and women's gloves. It is not so much the weight as that goes by your body weight, but the bone structure in the hand. Learn all about which gloves are for women on our site at Womens Boxing Gloves.

Not only are there great gloves for women but some women like them in pink. We dedicated a whole page to Pink Boxing Gloves.

Century is another top brand we reviewed.


boxing equipment While each of our page will lead you on a detailed map of the best boxing equipment if you want to jump right to the stores here is a list.

Our MMA Store has some boxing equipment for just about the lowest prices you can find.

If you live in the US or Canada Fighter Warehouse might be your best bet. They have free shipping and a good selection of gear including Everlast.

Revgear Sports Co. is some good gear as well. They are bit cheaper than the top name brands, but good quality.

Bad Boy Official Fight Gear has a limited selection of boxing gear.

Bad Boy originated with Royce Gracie. The gear is top notch and will last a long time.

Want some boxing techniques. You find a whole list on our site, just go to Boxing Techniques.


boxing gloves
Platinum Bag Gloves

boxing gloves
UFC Official Fight Gloves

boxing gloves
Century Leather Wrap Bag Gloves

Everlast-Boxing-Gloves-Protex2-Pink-pboxing gloves
Everlast Boxing Gloves "Women's Protex2"

Buy Now

boxing gloves
Bad Boy Leather Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves
Venum Power Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves
Century Black Label Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves
Heavy Bag Gloves

boxing gloves
Revgear Youth Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves
Bad Boy Youth Training Boxing Glove

boxing gloves
Century Layered Wristwrap Boxing Adult Glove 12oz.

boxing gloves
Century Women's Wrist Wrap Boxing Gloves

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