TapouT XT: Train Inside the Box


If you want to get ripped in no time, you've GOT to check out the TapouT XT Extreme Fitness Training program
! Get that lean, rock hard body you want in just 45 minutes a day for 90 days. You won't believe the quick and lasting results with this iconic workout!

Brought to you by TapouT, the brand that produces MMA products that are "outside the box", this program gives you everything you need "inside the box". One box, that's it... no gym, no weights, no huge equipment to fill up your room. It's all...inside the box!


So what's in the box? Twelve astounding videos, that's what! These aren't just any videos, mind you. These MMA based videos burn up to 1200 calories per workout and are led by Tapout XT founder, pro trainer and MMA conditioning coach, Mike Karpenko.

These workouts are stategically designed to get you in shape, fast. You will drop unwanted flab while building lean muscle mass and sculpting muscles. You'll be rock solid and ripped with buns of steel.


The TapouT XT Extreme Fitness program is an MMA based, standalone exercise and nutrition system that mixes synergistic cardio, core and power exercises.

"Come and Get It" is the program motto. That fine and fit physique you crave is waiting for you to...come and get it!

This versatile workout is tailored to accomodate beginners of any age as well as the pros.

Realizing that in real life, people are busy and time is tight, the DVDs are divided into twelve forty-five minutes sessions that are designed to be done at home. There's no equipment to mess with, no gym to join and no weights to lift.

In the first tape, you will sculpt lean muscle and upper body definition with extra focus on your chest, shoulders and triceps while on the second focuses on burning fat and improving athletic performance with a sweat drenching explosive plyometric lower body session.

In videos three, four and five you will punch and kick, Carve your upper, middle, lower abs, and love handles, and firm, toned and lift. Stretch-based yoga, Muay Thai and cardio conditiioning are among the activities you will do in the remaining tapes.

The program doesn't promise to be easy. In fact, it promises not to be. But it does promise to work!

Every workout ends in what is endearingly referred to as a "Killer Move." This move is, like the TapouT t-shirt line, "in your face" and brutal. Although each ending is different, the "Killer Move" is always one that is challenging to say the least.

Karpenko summed it all up in a recent interview. "It's a life changer. Stick with it. Keep pushing. I know this workout burns."

He went on to say that the burning is the feeling of results and results are not made in the comfort zone! And that, "If you are giving all you can, you are doing TapouT XT perfectly."

Come And Get It! That's the motto of the TapouT XT Extreme Training Program. No, the program isn't easy but it's effective. It works and ultimately... that's what matters!


Mike Karpenko isn't just any instructor. He is an accomplished, certified and accredited trainer.

The forty-three year old holds a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York at Buffalo and is a certified trainer by the American Council of Exercise. He is also an MMA Conditioning Association certified conditioning coach.

Karpenko is certified with the American Council of Exersise as well as being a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach by the MMA Conditioning Association. He's an official Primary Group Exercise Instructor from the AFFA Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has a HardStyle Kettlebell Certification. Last but not least, he is certified in CPR and First Aid from the American Heart Association.

If isn't a list of credentials, I don't know what is!

Strength training, metabolic resistance training, weight loss, power and speed development, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, nutrition and meal plan development, indoor and outdoor conditioning, functional and sports specific training, fitness monitoring, teaching and coaching, kettle bells and boot camps are all areas of Karpenko's expertise.

Karpenko has personally trained some of the UFC best including Light Heavyweight World Champion Jon "Bones" Jones and Lightweight contender Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.


Karpenko talked about Jones in an interview not long ago and candidly stated that Jones is one of his favorite fighters to train. "Most think he is just some genetic marvel," the trainer said. "I saw him firsthand as focused, dedicated, and committed to do whatever it takes to be the best."

When working on the TapouT XT program, Karpenko said that he and Jones ended up doing a lot of things that were new and untraditional to Jones, and that he immediately felt those things would help up his conditioning and preparedness for anyone or situation in the octagon. What a testimony for the TapouT XT program!


Aside from Jones and Cerrone, a few of the other popular MMA fighters who use TapouT XT are: Ryan Bader, Chris Lytle, Jake Shields, Benson Henderson, Meisha Tate. In fact, those same greats not only use the video, they are ON the video.

Just imagine working out with these awesome MMA stars!


Even the infamous television talk show host Dr. Oz got a piece of the TapouT XT action. Recently Karpenko was featured on the show to talk about the product. Dr. Oz was so impressed that he is taking applications for appearances from viewers who have tried the TapouT XT program. We will keep you posted on the results.



Ever since it began in 1997, MMA enthusiasts have been tapping in to TapouT. Founded by Charles Lewis, Jr. (also known as "Mask") and Dan Caldwell (also known as "Punkass"). the company was first known for it's "in your face", "out of the box" clothing line. They became best known for their t-shirt logos bursting with "attitude".

The TapouT crew set out on a new venture in 2007 and began a reality television series entitled "TapouT". In each episode, the crew members searched out fighters who showed promise.

They would follow one hopeful fighter and show his training and daily routine, ultimately ending in a professional MMA fight.

The talented fighters who won would be sponsored by TapouT.

The show became such a hit, viewers wanted to also see what went on behind the scenes of the TapouT crew members and how they lived and the interaction between employees and all the other details behind the scenes.

TapouT did not disappoint and the fans became even more enthusiastic about TapouT.

The story would take a sad twist of fate, however. On March 11, 2009 Charles "Mask" Lewis was killed in a car wreck when he was plowed into by a suspected drunk driver.

The legacy lives on though. Today TapouT has not only a very popular line of MMA apparel but gear and equipment as well and even have a magazine entitled...you guessed it, "TapouT". Now, the famous brand name is teamed up with renoun fitness trainer Mike Karpenko what some are calling the best workout series ever...the Tapout XT Extreme Fitness Training Program.


The Tapout XT Extreme Fitness Training Program is clearly on a another level when it comes to workouts. Unlike diet pills in bottle or supplements in a can with promises to make you fit and trim, this program really works. Sure, it has its requirements but with those requirements come results!

Does TapouT XT work? You bet it works! And the best thing is that the more you work it, the better it works.

Want to tap in to a Tapout body? Come and Get It! That rock hard, ripped and sculpted body you dream of is yours in just 90 days with the tried and true Tapout XT Extreme Fitness Training Program. Go ahead...TRAIN INSIDE THE BOX!


Have you tried this phenomonal fitness program? We would LOVE to hear from you and see your results! Please include a before and after photo with your submission and a short testimonial. In return we will send you a 20% off Ultimate-MMA-Equipment coupon so please include your email address. Click here to complete the process.

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