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BOB Punching Bag
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BOB Punching Bag
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BOB Punching Bag
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The Many Faces of Century BOB

The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) first appeared on the consumer market about 12 years ago and it has now become a staple in most martial arts gyms.

The concept is that of a punching bag (actually, it can be considered a rubber-like statue as opposed to bag) that is anatomically correct.

The facial features, for example, are expertly crafted to look like a real human face.

This allows the person striking to effectively select targets that must be hit for either sport or self-defense training.

It is great to envision your opponent as BOB or therapeutic if you are mad at someone!

Such uniqueness helped the Century BOB become wildly popular in martial arts circles. The popularity of the item opened the door for improvements and advancements in the conceptual design and function of the system.

This is evidenced in the release of the Century BOB XL and Bobby Bully.

What makes these two new designs different from the original concept of Century BOB? Let's take a look:

How does BOB hold up?

There are concerns as to whether or not Century BOB and its progeny will hold up in training. The answer is that Century has definitely delivered an excellent product in the market that will survive countless workouts.

Some have noted they have owned BOBs for many years and they appear good as new even after a tremendous number of workouts. So, when you purchase a Century BOB bag, you can feel confident it will last for a long time.

Is Century BOB for you?

BOB Again, the main pros associated with working out with BOB are that it is anatomically correct. This makes for effective targeting.

Some would say a negative thing associated with Century BOB is that it generally does not work all that well in terms of its ability to go full force.

For most people BOB is going to be all you need.

But with 270 lbs in the base, you can pack a pretty mean punch and Century BOB is going to stand and take it.

If you enjoy training with weapons like I do, the Body Opponent Bag can also be used to practice with weapons. Historical Chinese Sword Techniques will get you started with the best swords, techniques and drills.

SPARRING Body Opponent Bag

bob button
This guy is as lifelike as a mannequin can get. Some have even dressed him up to make him look more "opponent" like!

I like to practice on the Body Opponent Bag so that I can practice hitting specific areas such as the kidneys or face, something I would dare not do with a human target, with the same power. It helps you adjust your strikes for the different areas for self-defense or for points in sparring.

To find the lowest priced Body Opponent Bag and get great information see our Body Opponent Page.


sparring bob

If you just need the top of the Body Opponent Bag, because you have a Wavemaster base, you can check the top out at this page...Body Opponent Bag Top.

This works with a wavemaster base.


bob xl button

Body Opponent Bag XL is larger than the Body Opponent Bag as he comes with a groin. I really like this model because there are lots of strikes I practice that involve the groin area and he has a larger torso too so I even get some weapons practice in.

The cost of the BOB XL is more than the traditional model but the added price is worth it. You really do get a lot of benefit out of such a piece of training equipment.

The fact that this one comes with a groin and larger torso makes the training more realistic and perfect for self defense training.

Since there is surface to strike, this model provides an awesome workout. Body shots, kicks and strategic strikes are among the moves you can perfect when you train with BOB XL.

There are two height adjustments, from 5'6 inches to 6' tall and a it has apolyethylene base that you fill with sand or water. It's convenient to store because is rounded for easy roll relocation and it's portable as well. It weighs approximately 270 lbs when filled and can be filled with either sand or water depending on personal preference.

To find out about his features and to see the lowest priced Body Opponent Bag on the web check out Body Opponent Bag XL.


bobby bully

The Bobby Bully model is a rather unique and innovative concept. This is a smaller scale, less anatomically correct model that is designed for kids.

Considering the fact that children make up a large number of the students in most martial arts classes, it is not surprising

Century has released this kid friendly version of BOB. In the past, kids were commonly expected to train on equipment that was designed mostly for adults.

There is an awesome instructional video that is perfect to purchase along with Bobby Bully. The video is by the great Roland Osborne who teaches students about the basic fundamentals of self defense with a close to life opponent.

He demonstrates how using the target areas on the bag can make the techniques more realistic with proper resistance training compared to a normal kick bag or heaven forbid, a real person. The dvd lasts a little over 40 minutes and shows how to use the bag with students under different circumstances and with many fun, exciting games for your child or with students in your classes.

This bag is made by Century so you know it is of great quality. It's durable so it will last a long, long time and it maintains a wide age span so your child can use it for years.

Along with helping the young martial artist in his or her quest to excell in the sport and the concept of teaching self defense is that fact that it provides great excersise which is much needed in this day and age. Obesity in children is widespread and even those who are not overweight are often out of shape. Bobby Bully is the perfect solution for this epidemic and makes excersising fun.

Read about how it helps children develop as a martial artist and find our lowest price ever right here at our page on Bobby Bully.

Body Opponent Bag Video


Do not forget The Video. If you need some ideas, this is the place to get them. There is now a video by Dave Kovar as well. He runs one of the only Martial Arts colleges.


"Will this product move around during the punches and strikes?"

That is the number one question I am asked and of course that is a legitimate concern because for the purposes you would want this bag for, you would not want it to do so.

Because it fits on a polyethylene base stand that is filled with sand or water, the target is quite stationary and sturdy. It holds up to some serious strikes and punches and will not go flying across the room when you dish it out. You will find, as I did, that it is sturdy enough to endure a great workout without you needing to hold back at all.

Is it portable?

Akward to transport, but it could be done.

The bag is portable which I find to be a great feature. You never know when you might want to do a workout with a friend or you might even take it with you on vaction.

Others I know prefer to fill the bag with sand, mostly just in case it was to leak. I have never heard of this product leaking but if you are concerned it might, filling it with sand works just as well.

I have also known of those who live in severely cold climates and keep the product in a garage or basement who were worried about a water-filled base freezing.

Again, I have never heard of this happening but there is no reason not to just be on the safe side and use sand if that is situation you are faced with as well.

Sand vs. water. Both sand and water work well to fill the base with. Some swear sand keeps the target grounded best and others are dead set on using water. Whichever you choose will depend on personal preference and you can always switch methods later on if you wish.

What do I do with Century BOB?

When you are through working out you can easily roll your new sparring partner right into a corner or closet until your next workout session. Especially if you are tight for space, this is a nice option. You certainly can't do that with a hanging bag. I have even heard of some owners with a sense of humor who dress the lifelike bag and leave him out as part of the room decor. One colorful character I know doubles him for a Halloween prop each year which is quite a creative and resourceful idea!

How is Century?
In 1976 Century began producing martial art products and is the largest supplier of martial arts products in the world today.

When Century moved to its new location in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1982, they had only 50,000 square feet in the new facility but today the plant has expanded to more than 650,000 square feet which consists of the sewing operation, shipping and receiving, and administrative offices.

They just keep getting bigger and better! During the past 30 years, due to popular demand, Century has expanded its product lines to include products for martial arts, boxing, media, yoga, and fitness.

According to Century, their mission is to have every individual experience the many benefits of martial arts. believing that the martial arts can profoundly change lives. I have found that they hold to this mission through the quality products they manufacture and the integrity in which they conduct business.
Is BOB Worth it? B.O.B. Is he worth it? Check out this article to find out.


We have never had a complaint on this product, in the past 5 years I have been selling him. The base is sturdy and he holds up to the rigors of powerful kicks.

The life-like features make him good for target practice. We have even had some people practice weapons on him.


Some martial artist practice their chokes. They have also shown it takes more precision to attack Century BOB than the heavy bag. He does not give though like the heavy bag, which will make for some stronger muscles.

Praises have been made for the versatility as well. He can easily go in a corner and makes a great place to hang your gi, gloves or jacket, in between workouts!

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