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BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB Body Opponent Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB XL Body Opponent Frestanding Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Bobby Bully by Century

BOB Punching Bag
Bobs Video by Century

Sparring with a partner can make for a very, very bad day. What you need is an opponent that wont hit you back.

Meet BOB. You are going to love this guy! BOB, or Body Opponent Bag, is a lifesaver when it comes to sparring. You can pack on the punches, strike and hit him, even choke him and he wont even hit you back. Indeed he takes a lickin' and just keeps tickin'. You'd be hard pressed to find another sparring partner who would do that for you.

The Century Body Opponent Bag is one of the best inventions in MMA training equipment ever! All of the BOBs are freestanding bags meaning you do not have to punch a hole in the ceiling to hang them nor do you have to mess with a stand. Talk about convenient to store! They can easily be sat in the corner or tucked away in the closet.

The base is included when you purchase a Century Body Opponent Bag and is filled with sand or water to weight it down and can easily be unfilled making him portable so you can go spar with a friend or even take him along on vacation.

They have very realistic "skin" which is made of high-strength plastisol and the inner cavity is filled with high-density urethane foam. BOBs include BOB Regular (or Sparring BOB), BOB XL and BOBBY Bully. Each has his place in the BOB family and I will go over the differences and benefits of each but one of the most important things is what they have in common and that is that they are made by Century.

Century is one of the most popular brands in MMA Equipment and Gear and for a very good reason...they make awesome, very well made but affordable products. I have worked with Century for years and can tell you, firsthand, that they are a company of integrity that stands behind each and ever item they make and sell.

Century has been around since 1976 and is today recognized as the largest supplier of martial arts products in the world. They are located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Beginning with a 50,000 square foot facility, the plant has expanded to more than 650,000 square feet so that should tell you something.

During the past 30 years Century has expanded its product lines to include products for martial arts, boxing, media, yoga, and fitness. The mission at Century is to have every individual person be able to experience the many benefits of martial arts with the thought that the martial arts can change lives.

That having been said, not only is Century a fantastic company...they make great stuff! They are tops at incorporating innovative ideas into high quality items you can actually put your hands on, over and over...like BOB.

Sparring BOB is also known as BOB Regular or Oiriginal BOB. BOB is great partner for sparring techniques or target training. Sparring BOB is a full size lifelike mannequin that is so human looking, you may forget that he's not.

His design has actually been improved so that he takes up even less space than before. This price includes BOB and the base which can be filled with water or sand making him weigh in at 270 pounds when filled. There are 7 height adjustments from 60” to 78”.

This product has a one year limited warranty and is made in the good ole U.S.A.


Meet BOB XL, BOB's big brother, I like to say! BOB XL is my favorite because although he is very similar to BOB, he has a larger torso and includes a groin area so there is more surface to strike, kick and punch on.

As with Sparring BOB, this big brother has 7 height adjustments bringing him from 60" to 78" and he too weighs 270 lbs. when the base is filled with sand or water.


For the young aspiring Marial Artists, meet BOBBY Bully! BOBBY Bully is is great partner for sparring techniques or target training, the child size Century Body Opponent Bag. He is a kid size lifelike mannequin that will help your little one learn the ropes on a partner that wont hit him back nor do you have to stand in to take the hits, stikes and punches.

BOBBY Bully is an excellent way to teach self-defense to youngsters too and these days, self-defense cannot be stressed enough.

If you purchase Bobby Bully, don't forget to get the instructional DVD too.

Read more about the many benefits to this pint size BOB...

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