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Bag gloves can really help your hands from getting torn up. The first time I trained on a sand bagI had bloody knuckles.

Gloves for the bag are meant for training. They are for use on the bag not your opponent. They are not very padded and protect you while working out on a bag but not your opponents face!

It is up to you whether to use hand-wraps. Just be sure to size your bag gloves accordingly for the wraps. Heavier gloves will help condition you for the rigors of boxing.

Hand wraps can add stability for your wrist however. Once you start ground fighting you'll have less wrist support than in boxing gloves, so you do need to train your wrists.

Traditional Boxing Gloves

Many people will opt to use traditional boxing gloves for their workouts.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with using traditional 16 oz boxing gloves, but there is not reason to be dismissive of bag gloves either since they do provide some value to your workout sessions on the bag.

You could save the wear on your boxing gloves by going with a glove for the bag.

For a speed bag workout however you want to use hand-wraps or a speed bag glove.

bag gloves Construction

Gloves for the bag are leather or vinyl style ‘mittens' that contain a decent amount of padding on the knuckles while also providing enough wrist support that errant injuries may not occur.

This is not to say that these gloves offer complete protection, but they do certainly reduce the chance of injury.

You have to always keep in mind the fact that the heavy bag is designed to enhance power and endurance. That is why it has very little give. Because of this, you need to be able to hit the bag without a serious fear of an injury occurring.

Not for Sparring

These gloves can also be employed in other workouts in the gym. They can be used to hit the double end bag or focus mitts. What they cannot be used for is sparring since they are far too light to be used safely.

Hitting a training partner while wearing heavy gloves can cause a lot of potential problems which is why such a practice must be avoided. Stick with 16 oz boxing gloves or even MMA gloves when you are in the ring sparring.

Boxing Gloves

Can mma gloves be used on the heavy bag? As previously mentioned, 16 oz boxing gloves can be used on a bag.

Here is the problem though: every time you use such gloves you end up degrading them a little bit. So, you end up lessening the life of the gloves when you frequently use them on the heavy bag.

As for MMA gloves, it is best not to use them on a heavy bag since they are not intended at all for this type of training.

You will end up wearing out the gloves prematurely and the finger free nature of the gloves presents a serious risk for an injury on a heavy bag. As such, don't use your MMA gloves for this purpose.

What To Purchase

When purchasing gloves for the heavy bagbag gloves, you need to look towards those gloves with adequate protection. There are some ultra-thin gloves out there and they positively must be avoided at all costs.

They simply do not provide the protection that you need. Heavier and more durable gloves produced by name brands are most definitely what you should look for instead as these are the top items to wear.

These will prevent injuries and last a long time. And while some vinyl gloves are decent, you would probably be better served with leather gloves.

Yes, they are more expensive but they come with added durability and safety. Consider that a huge plus.

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