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Adidas Bag Gloves are now made with dri-fit! I knew clothes could be, but this is pretty cool.

Since boxing and kickboxing have become wildly popular due to their health and fitness benefits, it should come as no surprise that companies not known for boxing are becoming involved in manufacturing equipment.

So how are the Adidas bag gloves?

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Are they doing all they well in the market? Are these gloves really worth purchasing?

The gloves themselves are a solid glove and come with a reasonable price tag. As previously mentioned, Adidas is a major name in the world of sports and fitness.

Granted, the name was made in sports such as basketball, soccer, etc and not boxing. This may lead some to being skeptical about the quality of Adidas bag gloves.

You need not assume you are getting an incredibly inferior product simply because Adidas is a name known for delivering other sporting goods items.


One interesting component to these gloves is that they are made with "Climacool" which is intended to help keep temperatures down when you are hitting the gym.

Climacool is commonly used in Adidas clothing.

The inclusion of Climacool in the product does not drive the price up any more than what is commonly the average cost of good bag gloves. (Many Adidas bag gloves are under $40.00) So, you are not being price gouged for the added feature.

Speaking of added features...

These bag gloves are also designed with the dry fit concept. What is this?

Basically, it allows the inside of the gloves to absorb sweat quite easily. This will make the entire workout session a lot easier to deal with since you would not be suffering through the workout with sweat soaked gloves.

These are leather gloves and are a very nice buy for leather gloves.

Their feature is they are made to keep you cool, while you work hard on the bag.

They come in sizes S/M and L/XL.

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