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Punching bags are needed for training and so you don't kill your training partner. You just cannot do all your training while sparring.

You want to practice specific techniques on the bags. You can punch as hard as you can, and work on perfecting techniques.

There are a myriad of bags, but I'll hook you up with the best bags. Oh and I'll also tell you the best place to find great prices!

You are going to see that I sell some, but I also direct you to some I do not sell and have access too. Therefore you are getting the best of both worlds. My low prices on some great bags, and the links to the best deal on the web on the bags I do not sell.

Why do you need a heavy bag?


The UFC is one of the most popular punching bags. The quality that the UFC is putting out in their products is nice. Dana White is doing a great job.

Below we review each bag, and then tell you where we have found the lowest prices.

Tiger Claw Heavy Bag

UFC Leather Heavy Bag

UFC 100 lb PU Bag

UFC Durable Heavy Bag

UFC Muay Thai Bags

Remember you'll need a place to hang that bag. So if you cannot hang it from the ceiling, consider a heavy bag stand.

Century Heavy Bag Stand

RevGear is a quality brand as well. At our page about the RevGear heavy bag you can catch reviews and find where to find it.

RevGear Heavy Bag

Grappling Dummy

There is a great deal of work that goes into developing the skills needed to be an effective grappler. While our bodies are designed naturally for grappling as opposed to striking which takes a bit more work to articulate, we do need to develop the natural movement skills to be effective on the mat. UFC Grappling Dummy to check it out.

Do you need some help with how to train with these punching bags. We like crossfit and we also like this mma program.

UFC Grappling Dummies


If you are going to get a heavy bag or have one already, and you do not want to drill holes in your ceiling, you will need a stand to hang it on. It may not seem like the stand is all that important, but trust me...it is!

The last thing you want is a wobbling stand while you are trying to workout. Not only is it obnoxious and not conducive to a good work out, it is dangerous as well.

Century Heavy Bag Stand Reviewed.

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Recommended Resources

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Brian and Brandon teach grappling. They are very good and have a long list of UFC and MMA fighters who have used their program.

Below is a list of a few of the techniques you can learn.

This is a technique program. You are going to be learning actual MMA and jiujitsu techniques.

I like this program becuase it is skills based. Any time you improve your skills you'll up your game.

Though fitness is so important, skills training should take up most of your training time.

To see some free videos and learn the anaconda choke, just check out their site.
We will do a full review soon.

Punching Bags: UFC | Cornerman |Hydorcore

Muay Thai Heavy Bag

You Save: $10.00
from: MMA Joe's

Heavy Bag/
Speed Bag Platform

You Save: $10.00
from: MMA Joe's

We just did a new review on the program TapouT XT.

CJ our staff writer was so impressed he is buying one. Check out what he found out.