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leather heavy bag
UFC 100 lb Heavy Bag

leather heavy bag
UFC Muay Thai Heavy Bag

leather heavy bag
Hayabusa Pro Leather Heavy Bag (Unfilled)

leather heavy bag
TITLE Leather Heavybag - 100 lbs

leather heavy bag
Hayabusa Pro All Leather Heavy Bag White

leather heavy bag
100 lb. Super Leather Heavy Bag (Brown)

leather heavy bag
Hayabusa Pro All Leather Heavy Bag Black

leather heavy bag
Lonsdale Super Heavy Leather Punch Bag

For really serious training, this is my favorite bag.

It is genuine leather and 100 pounds and it holds up to all I can give it. Even after my most intense work out with it, it holds its shape and does not cave in. I really hate when the bag I am using gives out before I do and that is definitely a worry you wont have with this bad boy.


Of course the product if UFC, the best quality there is It is made of high quality 2 mm genuine leather so it is as durable as they come. A galvanized chain keeps the bag secure and it has a riveted strap assembly for very high strength. It also has a zipper closure on the top cover.

The set up is 13-1/4 x 46” and weighs in at 100 pounds. Unfortunately we cannot ship internationally or to Hawaii or Alaska because of the size and weight. Sorry!

If you are looking for a sturdy, well crafted bag that holds up strike after strike and is in the workout for as long as you are, this bag is for you!


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If your buying this bag then you are serious about training. I recently found a training program that enhances your BJJ on line. It is great in that it has interactive videos, which teach you things you take with you to class, or just practice on your spouse.

Here is what Jason Keis has to say about this BJJ System:

You guys have put together another amazing system. Mixed Martial Arts is the most demanding sport there is. If you're not in fight shape you're going to get hurt in there.

Conditioning programs for MMA must include speed, strength, power, endurance, cardio and flexibility training.

These Guys have incorporated all of these aspects of training into their systems. You don't have to be a professional fighter to be in great shape; you just need to make yourself do the work.

Jason Heit,Owner - Island MMA Fighter

Canadian Kickboxing Champion

To find our more just read on... BJJ System.

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I like this program becuase it is skills based. Any time you improve your skills you'll up your game.

Though fitness is so important, skills training should take up most of your training time.

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