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Compiling a list of the top UFC mma fighters is tough. The reason is the list will change time and time again after every event. Champions lose titles as contenders win them.

MMA fighters can win via an upset or lose on a very narrow decision. Win streaks can come to an end due to freak injuries. Yes, it can be tough to rank the current top UFC fighters because "current" is subject to change every time the seconds on the clock tick by.

However, there are some fighters than been rather predictable perennial favorites. They have all been titleholders or in perpetual title contention. Since fights are ranked by weight class, it is best to look at the top mma fighters within the main weight classes.

Such mma fighters are perpetually dominating their opponents and deserve a lot of recognition


Kimbo Slice

Kimbo has taken the UFC by storm. He was a web sensation and now has entered the UFC via the Ultimate Fighter. No he didn't win, but was so popular he got anther shot.

Kimbo grew up in... read more.

Thiago Alves

Alves remains another great fighter in the welterweight division. He has been a consistent strong performer winning in excess of 20+ fights. You can't do that on a pro level without a massive amount of talent and Alves displays such talent with every fight.


BJ Penn

Here is a fighter with a very long career that spans various sports within the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Penn originally was known as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu phenomenon that excelled in both Gi and No-Gi. When he decided to make the transition into the MMA world, many people were curious how he would do.

To no one's surprise, Penn's success in the Octagon was tremendous. He rose to the top of the lightweight division and has captured the title crown. Always an exciting fighter, Penn never disappoints the crowd.


Lyoto Machida

This is a fighter that has had a much longer career than many realize. He fights in the light heavyweight division and can move around with the speed of a lightweight. As such, it is no surprise that Machida has routinely dominated his division with seeming relative ease.

Lyoto Machida

Mauricia Rua

It was Rua that came within a very short breath of dethroning Machida for the light heavyweight title. Rua's career is far from over due to his narrow loss.

In fact, you may see him wearing the strap once again some time down the road. Yes, he is that talented.

Mauricio Rua


The Gracies

Royce helped put MMA on the map in the old days. He proved a small guy could beat a big man with skills particularly BJJ. Read on to see where Royce started and how he has become a legend.

But there are lots of Gracies. What about Renzo Gracie? Renzo has also taken the MMA world by storm. You'll have to make the call on the best Gracie.

Nick Diaz

“He's a like a prodigy,” said Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt legend Ceasar Gracie about Nick.

“He's good at everything he does.” Diaz earned his black belt under Ceasar and has trained with him for over eight years... Read on about Nick Diaz.

Greg Jacksons Mixed Martial Arts

Nate Marquardt is quite the controversial fighter. Read about him and greasing right here.


Cain Velasquez

Two time title holder and current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Velasquez has, to date, only lost one fight. But that fight happened to be a title fight. Find out what it took from this great fighter to raise Cain and win back the belt!

HIT Squad

Matt Hughes

Hughes, a nine-time champion of the World Welterweight UFC, is even bigger than ever. He is highly popular and at one time perhaps the best know MMA fighter. Read on about this country boy...


Aaron Riley

Aaron Riley does not always get his due as a solid lightweight fighter and this is unfortunate since he always gives his all when in the ring. His impressive fight record shows how excellent of a fighter he is and that is why he should never be ignored.

Rashad Evans

With this list of wins you have to give Rashad Evans credit for being a great fighter. He has beat Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz and most recently, Thiago Silva.

Find out where he got his start and what makes him so great right here at Rashad Evans Unleashed.

Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub the new kid on the block, or so he was called, has taken the UFC by storm. This heavyweight has it all. Brendan...


Georges St-Pierre

When it comes to picking fighters that will be future hall of famers that will leave a lasting impact on the sport, it would be an absolute no brainer to say Georges St-Pierre will definitely make the cut.

St-Pierre is not just a winning fighter and a champion. He is one of the indelible few that has gifts and attributes that few others possess. He also has a number of intangibles that make him a huge star.

In a sport filled with antiheroes, St-Pierre almost harkens back to a 1970s prototype "good guy" wrestler that fans loved to get behind.

Of course, St-Pierre's fights are not predetermined and they end with hard fought victories. A well rounded fighter that is stunning on his feet or on the ground, St-Pierre has been instrumental in establishing the welterweight division as one fans love to follow.
More on Georges St-Pierre.


Frank Mir

In addition to being one of the most outstanding professional mma fighters in the heavyweight division, Frank Mir is also an incredibly inspirational fighter.

Out of the ring injuries put his future fight career in jeopardy but Mir was able to make an effective comeback that lead to reaching the top of the heavyweight rankings. While other lesser mma fighters would have retired, Mir has revitalized his career and brought it to the top. Read the Frank Mirr Story.


Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor could be the best pound-for-pound heavyweight MMA fighter in the world. With a record of only one loss, and even that is controversial he is one tough dude. He has been called the “baddest man on the planet.”

He has done what no other MMA fighter has accomplished. Find out about Fedor Emelianenko...


Brock Lesnar

The former WWE champion has risen to supreme height in the UFC and has even captured the crown of the heavyweight title. Unfortunately, a sudden and undisclosed illness has put him on the shelf. Time will tell if he makes a full recovery, but the fighting spirit of Lesnar is really second to known. If he makes his comeback soon, he will sure dominate the heavyweight rankings for many more years.

I'll give you a brief synopsis of each fighter then click on the fighter to see a full biography.

Brock Lesnar


Antonio Nogueira is a heavyweight contender in the UFC has won bouts with some of the best including Tim Sylvia, Mark Coleman, Jeremy Horn and Randy Couture, just to name a few. Keep reading about Nogueira...

Weigh in On Nogueira's Fight Right Here!

Anderson Silva

Silva is the UFC's longest reigning champion and also holds the longest winning and title defense streak in UFC history. He's one of those fighters that you always knew had the potential to become a hall of fame caliber athlete. While some fighters do not live up to their hype or choke under pressure, Silva has dominated the middleweight division and has done so with a number of spectacular fight performances. Find out more about the current Middleweight Champion.


Tito Ortiz

He was once great. And he may be great again. Tito has battled some injuries and is making a comeback. Well he made a comeback and lost in a controversial match to Forrest Griffin. Find out where this Bad Boy got his start.


Yushin Okami is an interesting character. He recently fough Silva in UFC 134. Find out who won and his background at our page Yushin Okami, "The Thunder."


Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell has to be mentioned. He is responsible, many believe, for the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts in America. Chuck is very popular and is a stand up fighter. He has a heavy background in the Martial Arts which he uses along with his natural abilities and even wrestling skills, making him both unique and effective... Learn more about this stand up fighter.


Randy Couture

His records speak volumes. He is a three-time former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) heavyweight champion and two-time light heavyweight UFC champion.

He and B.J. Penn are the only UFC fighters to ever have held a championship in two divisions. Randy Couture is the Natural and....

Forrest Griffin

Griffin is another excellent well rounded fighter that most people have been rooting for over the course of many years.

He has racked up a number of impressive wins throughout his career and remains a perennial favorite as a title contender in the middleweight division.

Speculation rises whether Griffin will cut down in weight to venture in a lower weight class. Time will tell if this occurs....

mma fighters

Of course, there are many other outstanding fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Champion promotion. Anyone that can carve out a winning record most definitely deserves special consideration. However, the best of the best also deserve additional recognition and that is what they are provided with here.


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Chuck Lidell


He holds the record for the second most knockouts, in the UFC (Silva is first).

With a record of 21-8-0 he was a force to be recokoned with. He is one of the most popular MMA figures of all times.

Find out what made him so good, and where he came from... The Iceman

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