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Brock Lesnar UFC: Bigger Than Life
Brock Lesnar UFC
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Brock Lesnar UFC
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Brock Lesnar UFC
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Brock Lesnar UFC
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There have been many outstanding fighters with colorful backgrounds that made their way to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fame but few have the storied and unique career along the lines of Brock Lesnar,
the man that entered the UFC with an enormous amount of hype and hoopla and unlike so many others, was able to live up to the expectations that were placed upon him.

Lesnar was considered a "gimmick performer" in the sense that he entered the UFC by way of WWE professional wrestling. However, to call Lesnar a professional wrestler is to completely overlook the long athletic career that he maintained prior to ever entering into the squared circle.

Who is Brock Lesnar and what is his background?

Let's take a closer examination of the man's history and career....

Brock Edward Lesnar (Yes, Brock is his real name) was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. The naturally huge Lesnar quickly grew up into a competitive athlete and excelled in a variety of sports. It was, however, amateur wrestling that Lesnar achieved a solid amount of success.

Brock Lesnar UFC: High School

In High School, he racked up an outstanding record of 33-0-0. This success was later parlayed into a collegian career. In 1999, he ventured into the finals of the NCAA championship where he lost to Stephen Neal who would later go on to great fame as well.

While second place is definitely a lauded accomplishment, Lesnar's competitive spirit saw he make a great comeback in 2000 where his success would not be denied. He ended up capturing the NCAA heavyweight wrestling crown.

Brock Lesnar UFC: Through WWE, NFL and MMA

While the difference between professional wrestling and amateur wrestling is enormous, Lesnar's credentials captured the eye of the WWE. Then again, the fact that Lesnar is six-foot-three and nearly 300lbs worked in his favor. His tremendous charisma would help him as well and his athletic prowess allowed him to pick up on the basics of entertainment based wrestling.

Brock in arm bar

While Lesnar ended up becoming a WWE champion, knee injuries and the grind of the road led him to retire and look towards a career in the NFL.

His NFL dreams were not developed and he tried the next best thing: he looked towards the world of Mixed Martial Arts as the means of achieving fame. In this new competitive sports arena, he would achieve exactly that.

In 2007, Lesnar signed on with K-1 Sports to compete in MMA. He was scheduled to face the incredibly huge fighter Choi Hong-Man at the June 2, 2007 Dynamite USA show held at the 100,000 seat Los Angeles Coliseum.

Brock in a leg lock

The bout was not to be as an injury forced Hong-Man out of the event. He was replaced by Min Soo Kim who Lesnar destroyed in a little over a minute to claim his first MMA victory.

Shortly after the event, Lesnar would sign on with the UFC which would be a major turning point in his career....

Brock Lesnar UFC 81

Lesnar debuted in the UFC at the UFC 81: Breaking Point show where he was to meet Frank Mir. Lesnar dominated Mir in the rapid beginning of the bout but made a rookie mistake.

He would stand up sloppily in Mir's guard and ended being caught with and submitted by a kneebar. Some used this opportunity to downplay Lesnar's skills which was an absurd notion considering his performance in the match was most definitely at a professional level.

This was later proven at UFC 87 when Lesnar defeated Health Herring by unanimous decision after a great deal of ground and pound.

Ironically, Lesnar was originally scheduled to face the easier opponent Mark Coleman who ended up pulling out after an injury. Perhaps Coleman was picked to build up Lesnar's record but the end result did not matter. Lesnar dominated Herring and won the bout.

Brock, focus training

Brock Lesnar UFC: Break Through Win

Soon after, Lesnar defeated Randy Coture to win the UFC Heavyweight title and then was scheduled to face Mir in a rematch. Mir was holding an interim title at the time so the bout was billed as a unification match.

Held at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009, Lesnar won the bout via technical knockout allowing him to capture the undisputed heavyweight title.

The aftermath of the bout was extremely controversial as Lesnar insulted Bud Light which was his sponsor at the time due to a disagreement over pay. Currently, Lesnar is sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition which assuredly is paying him a lucrative deal. He also has a wears sponsor, Warrior Wear Clothing.

Sadly, Lesnar has vacated his title and stopped fighting due to an illness which overtook him in October of 2009. Lesnar had developed mononucleosis as well as a severe form of an intestinal disorder.

Considering how tough Lesnar is, we will probably see him back in the Octagon in the near future once again.

On July 3, 2010 at UFC 116 in Las Vegas, Lesar made his come back against Shane Carwin. Immediately the two took it to the ground and once they were up, Carwin lit into Brock, pounding his face relentlessly. But Lesnar would not be had and returned with punches that two minutes and nineteen seconds into the second round won him the fight, the title and the Fight of the Night Award as well.

But the Cain Velasquez fight would be a different story. On October 23, 2010 in Anaheim, California at UFC 121, the undefeated Cain would take the title from Brock in the very first round by TKO via strikes.

Lesnar is set to fight at UFC 131 against Junior Dos Santos on June 11, 2011.

So where does it go from here? If Brock's unrelenting will to win succeeds, there will be no stopping the man.

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