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Women MMA? You bet...and they are good too!

Women have a bright future and have come a long ways from their beginnings in MMA.

What used to be a sport dominated by men has become open to women as well. In the United States, professional MMA was exclusive to male fighters until June of 2006.


cris cyborg

Cris Cyborg Santos came on like a storm. In her first professional fight on July 26, 2008, in a bout called EliteXC: Unfinished Business, against Shayna Baszler where she won by TKO.



women mma

She debuted in June of 2000. Find out where this Dutch woman got her start and what made her so tough. Marleos Coenen is a force to be reckoned with.


women mma

Gina Carano was one of the first women to step up to the plate and into the ring.

She is often referred to as the Face of Womens MMA and it's not a wonder why. In the first ever sanctioned female MMA fight, Carano went up against Leticia Pestova on June 10, 2006.

Carano came out with her best “ground and pound†and thirty-nine seconds into the fight, a star was born... continue reading.


women mma

She is the submission queen. Many cannot wait to get there hands on her, so they can prove they are the best.

Find out what black belts she holds and how she got started. Megumi Fujii


women mma

Tara LaRosa is very good and could be arguably the best. At 135 pounds she is hard to beat.

She has only one loss right now and is on fire... continue reading.


women mma

Erin Toughill is...tough as steel. The Mixed Martial Artist and former boxer has earned the nickname Steel in both arenas, MMA and boxing.

Read more about this gritty fighter....


women mma

Kaliesha "Wild" West is the current reigning WBO Bantamweight Champion and she is a spit-fire! With her father, Juan West, a U.S. Navy boxing champ, Kaliesha grew up watching him fight and knew at an early age she wanted to do the same. Despite her father's chagrin, that is exactly what she did. Now, under her father's management, there seems to be no stopping this fireball.

Read more about the "Wild" West....


womens gloves

Want to see what kind of gloves these girls are wearing?

The shape of a man's hand is different, therefore there are gloves made specifically for women.

You can go here... Women's Boxing Gloves ...to find out about women's boxing gloves and find out about grappling gloves at our page... Women's Grappling Gloves.

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