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Muay Thai bags
Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150lbs Unfilled Black

Muay Thai bags
Tapout 70 Lb Muay Thai Bag With 2 Pack Of Hand Wraps Black

Muay Thai bags
Muay Thai Punching Bag Yellow 6ft 150lbs Unfilled

Muay Thai bags
Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red

Muay Thai bags
TKO 502VMT Muay Thai Bag 125lbs

Muay Thai bags
Muay Thai Punching Bag Lifetime Warranty 6ft 150lbs Filled

Muay Thai bags
Century 70 Lb Muay Thai Bag 52

Muay Thai bags
UFC Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai bags
Muay Thai 6ft Heavy Bag - Unfilled for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing

Muay Thai bags
Everlast Muay Thai Heavy Bag


The Thai bag is for full body training and it is longer and more narrow than a heavy bag. Thai bags are perfect for striking with the fists, elbows, knees and feet and is also excellent for kicks.

Some of my best work-outs are done with a this bag because it gives me a longer striking area that simulates a real opponent better than a regular heavy bag.

Weighing in at 100 pounds, the Thai bag has great resistance to impact, which is key for Muay Thai.

This bag is made of leather.


Weighing in at 100 pounds, the Thai bag has great resistance to impact, which is key for muay thai.

This bag is made of leather.


One of the most important features of the bag is that it is a UFC product and UFC is the best quality you can get. The bag is 13 1/4 x and is 42 1/2 in circumference and weighs about 100 pounds. The leather grain polyurethane material is black.

Working Out with the Muay Thai Bag

Muay Thai is a sport well known for its toughness and hard training. Unlike other forms of ring kickboxing, Muay Thai is not a precision sport.

Muay Thai

This is an impact sport. In other words, the goal is to generate a lot of power in the strikes which, in turn, enhances the potential to achieve a knockout.

Such an approach is not one that will be achieved without the proper training. You will need to use impact training equipment designed to develop such a high level of power. muay thai bags

The Bag

The long bag is really designed to provide a clear target in which to hit as hard as possible.

The bag can move slightly like a person and you can practice blasting away.


Here is a common and simple drill employed with the bag:

Let the bag sway front and back, towards you, when you see it coming at you attack.

The fighter should stop the bag with a front kick and then immediately fire a knee. This is then followed by grabbing the bag behind it (simulating a neck) and moving him into kicking range and then performing a double kick on the bag.

As you can see, this is designed to develop power through the heavy impact striking of the bag.

And it should go without saying that the Thai bag is a must for MMA training as well. The reason for this is that Muay Thai bag combined with traditional western boxing creates the epicenter for MMA striking and stand up fighting.

As such, it is vital to integrate the training equipment of Muay Thai into MMA striking training sessions.


muay thai bags Randy Couture uses circuit training to enhance his fitness. This gets him fit and fast, using little weight but lots of circuits. You do not have to lift heavy weights during circuit training.
You will move from exercise to exercise without stopping. It will train muscular endurance and cardio.

There are a lot of ways to train for MMA and lots of great tips out there for those looking to up their fitness.


1. In Thailand, how old must a person be to compete in a Muay Thai fight?

(answer: 15 years old)

2. What is a Muay Thai Stunt?

(answer: a group of Thailand based stunt doubles who specialize in fall stunts, fight choreography, wire work, and explosive and vehicular stunts)

3. In the movie "The Protector"muay thai bags , Tony Jaa developed a new style of Muay Thai especially for the film. What were those moves based on and what were they?

(answer: They were based on elephant's movements and are "throw, stomp on, grab and break".)

4. How many years did Tony Jaa train for the movie "Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrier" and in what martial art style?

(answer: He trained for four years in Muay Boran.)

5. What UFC Fighter left the Chute Box Accademy to form the Muay Thai Dream Team?

(answer: Anderson Silva)

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