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If you are going to seriously train and especially if you are going to fight, working with the heavy bag will be key to your success without a doubt.

Tiger Claw is a low priced heavy bag is a great choice for those who are in the market for a great bag that is affordable. Tiger Claw is a high-end manufacturer that strives to make quality products that fit your budget.

Choose between the 20, 40 or 65 lb bag and you can even make the call if you want it filled or unfilled. Unfilled is often the most economical choice as it greatly decreases the shipping cost and you can fill it yourself.

Due to size and weight, an extra shipping charge has been added to the 40 lb. And 65 lb. bags.

The bags come in black with red.


Did you know the punching bag dates back for as long as there has been written history of military training? They were used in the martial arts and in swordplay or historical fencing.

Asian martial artists had their own versions of the heavy bag like the Okinawan makiwara. The makiwara is a padded striking post that is used as a training tool in different styles of karate. It's one form of hojo undo, a method of conditioning used by Okinawan martial artists.

The Chinese also had their early form of the heavy bag in the mook jong. The mook jong is a wooden dummy and may even have padded striking surfaces attached to it. Sometimes mook jongs were made of wood or metal instead and are used primarily in Wing Chun and other styles of kung fu.

Through the years the heavy bag has become a staple in mma and boxing and has been improved and profected to become the heavy bag we know today.

I am often asked this question and the answer depends on each individual's situation.

A 70 pound bag provides a great sturdy work out for me, personally. I can target muscles in my training and I use it for strength training too. I am short so this bag suits me fine but I also pack a good punch so I was surprised how well it hold up to what I dish out.

The bag is compact and easy to use. It is great for small spaces like an apartment or dorm. It is designed to withstand a tough workout and is affordable as well.

Because it is a UFC product, it is sturdy and durable. The structure is well built and the cap is 70 pounds and is made of impact resistant polyurethane. It is 13” in diameter and stands 40” tall.

So if you are looking for a well-built but more compact heavy bag, this bag's for you.


These are what people had to say about the bag. All reviews gave it 5 of 5 stars.



- Easy To Set Up

- Quality Construction


Train on the heavy bag with circuit training. You can alternate upright rows, push press, sumo dead lift high-pulls and cleans with your boxing routine. Do each exercise 15 times, then do a round of boxing for 2 minutes. Talk about getting those endurance muscles going in your arms. This is a great training technique.

For more training techniques for MMA go to Ultimate MMA Training. Why use a tear drop?

I wondered the same thing until I tried one out. Wow! I was impressed. It was perfect for my knee and elbow strikes and clinch punches.

The tear drop shape gives the bag a special central gravitational force so when you strike, it feels sturdier than a regular bag. I find this type of bag great for training because I can let loose and not worry about the recourse.

The bag incorporates benefits of the regular cylindrical heavy bag and the small speed bag. It is going to move more than the heavy bag which is good for your kickboxing. You can also do heavy kicks and clinches.

Made with heavy leather grain polyurethane, the bag has a woven backing that gives the strength and benefits of real leather but is much more affordable.

It is firmly built with a four-part galvanized chain with rivets and a zipped closing on the top.

Measuring 18” x 35”, the package weighs about 60 pounds. Unfortunately this item cannot be shipped internationally or to Hawaii and Alaska because of it's size and weight.

If you are wanting to train with your strikes and clinch punches, this bag is for you. One round with the bag and you will be hooked, I know I was.


So now that you have your Wavemaster you'll want some MMA skills to go with that kicking power.

Brain and Brandon from Damage Control have trained guys who have fought in events such as Bogdog, UFC and IFL.

I highly recommend checking out their on-line MMA training.

Just taking a look at their website teaches you some awesome moves...You can read what those guys who train with them have to say here.

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Brian and Brandon teach grappling. They are very good and have a long list of UFC and MMA fighters who have used their program.

Below is a list of a few of the techniques you can learn.

This is a technique program. You are going to be learning actual MMA and jiujitsu techniques.

I like this program becuase it is skills based. Any time you improve your skills you'll up your game.

Though fitness is so important, skills training should take up most of your training time.

To see some free videos and learn the anaconda choke, just check out their site.
We will do a full review soon.

We just did a new review on the program TapouT XT.

CJ our staff writer was so impressed he is buying one. Check out what he found out.

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