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Ringpro Bag Gloves - Are They Worth It?

ringpro bag gloves

Ringpro bag gloves are the best gloves for the ring? Or so say some of our customers. Find out why and tell us what you think.


If you are someone that puts a lot of time in the gym learning to box, you will need quality bag gloves.

This is something that should never be overlooked.

With the wrong equipment, you not only find yourself in a situation where your workout will suffer, you may also place yourself at an injury risk.

Plus it can just make it more fun with good gloves.

Again, this is why you will want access to the top boxing equipment. This is why Ringpro gloves are so highly recommended.


Some may cringe at the notion of purchasing Ringpro bag gloves. The reason is these particular make of gloves are known for being among the most expensive on the market.

It is not uncommon to see the prices of such gloves being in the neighborhood of $150. That is a steep price in comparison to the other brands on the market.

If the price was raised for really no reason, then you could say that they are overpriced. However, the quality of these bag gloves is among the best of the best.

As a result, the cost may be worth it to those that can afford it and are looking for the highest level of quality and protection.

And you definitely do get a very high quality product with Ringpro Bag Gloves...


Ringpro Bag Gloves are made from the finest quality of leather. This is a significant step up from the common vinyl gloves that are sold on the market.

Vinyl does have its value but leather is much better. That is an undeniable fact most people will clearly agree with.

The design of these gloves is perfectly flawless. Some bag gloves are functionally decent but their design seems disproportionate to the human hand.

As odd as it sounds, it seems they are designed in such a way to present a visual look that helps them stand out on store shelves. Would it not be better to purchase an efficiently designed model?


The sleek design also contributes to the speed of delivery on the punch. Some may overlook the design of certain brands and this is a huge mistake.

You do not want to wear gloves that are cumbersome. Ringpro bag gloves are many things and cumbersome is not one of them.

Long Lasting

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While high priced, they are not indestructible. They will only last so long and the more frequent you use them, the quicker they will wear out.

This is true of any brand of gloves but with the high price tag most people would wish these gloves last forever. Here is some news - they won't! You only have so much use life on these gloves and they will eventually wear out.


Such gloves will hold up well when compared to other brands of gloves. Generally, other brands' pro level gloves are on a similar level of quality to the Ringpro brand.

However, Ringpro offers a higher level of quality when compared to the standard gloves other brands offer.

So if you can afford it, Ringpro will last you a long time! You can get free shipping in Australia by going here to Ringpro Gloves. The gloves are a good buy but for bag gloves I'd probably go for an UFC brand or Grant bag gloves.

I'd save the high dollar spending for my actual boxing gloves.

Ringpro Dominates the Ring

Have you worn Ringpro gloves?

Rant or Rave about Ringpro right here! Also find out what others have to say.

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