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speed bag gloves

speed bag gloves
TITLE Boxing Speed Bag Gloves

speed bag gloves
Everlast 4310 Everhide Speed Bag Gloves

speed bag gloves
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speed bag gloves
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speed bag gloves
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speed bag gloves
Pro Speed DuratekTM Speed Bag Gloves from TKO Sports (One Pair)

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Wearing Speed Bag Gloves: Do you need them?

You could say that speed bag gloves are a relatively new invention. They were not all that well known prior to the development of cardio boxing as a serious means of getting in shape.

In fact they are not easy to find at your favorite MMA equipment store. One of the best places to look is Amazon.speed bag gloves

That is also not to say that such gloves are not used by professional and amateur fighters. However, such gloves have grown in popularity recently and that is a good thing. Such gloves do aid in getting the most out of a speed workout.

Traditional or Speed Bag?

Some may wonder if traditional heavy bag gloves are worth using on the speed bag. The answer really is "no". My arms would be awful tired after doing a speed workout with heavy bag gloves.

Such gloves are designed to handle long workouts on a very heavy and thick bag.

The purpose of a heavy bag is to develop strength and endurance. That means you have to hit the bag quite hard.

To make sure that the hands are not damaged, the heavy bag gloves need to be quite padded. This way, the knuckles do not break. With a speed gloves, such padding is not necessary.

This bag is quite light so excess padding is not required. You could make the claim that the padding makes the gloves heavier which can add to the cardio benefit of the glove. In general, such gloves may be best avoided when working out on the speed bag.

You could use both and see how the differences between the two impact your workout. Considering the relatively low cost of both, it would not break your training budget to acquire both.

Once again, the purpose of the speed training eliminates the need for heavier gloves.

Hand Eye Coordination

The speed bag is designed to develop hand-eye coordination; promote the ability to keep you hands up; to hit in a faster manner; and many other attributes.

Of course, you would be training on the heavy bag to improve your performance. That means you need the proper equipment to get the most out of the session.

This is where bag gloves come into play. With speed bag gloves you can boost your performance on the speed bag which, in turn, boosts the many great attribute developments from it.

The ability to prevent abrasions on the knuckles can be considered a positive benefit.

Granted, the impact on the knuckles is not exactly so severe that you would need to be extremely mindful of them. However, the problems are enough that you should take precautions. This is where the aforementioned bag gloves come into play.

No Sliding

When you are wearing the speed bag gloves, you will notice your hands do not slide off the bag very much. This will allow you to maintain a higher level of accuracy.

It will also reduce the "starting and stopping" component associated with being unable to accurately hit the bag for an extended length of time.

Anything that improves your workouts is something that should be looked into. Such is the case with speed bag gloves. While their popularity is new, their value is pronounced. This is why they are so worth using.

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