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Century Leather Fingerless Bag Gloves

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Century fingerless bag gloves are professional grade gloves for heavy bag, speed bag, or fitness training.

Features include

-finger-specific padding for full dexterity

-curved construction for less hand fatigue

-cushioned grip bar for precise fist formation

-extra long wrist wrap with ClinchStrap technology

Century Wrap Bag Gloves Fingerless

bag gloves

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-DiamondTech fabric made for combat sports ideal for skill development during heavy bag, speed bag, or fitness training.


-cushioned grip bar

-open thumb

-open palm design

Wrist wrap features secure Clinch-Strap™ support

Century Fingerless Bag Gloves make the cut. They are the top fingerless bag gloves I have found.

Do the Century fingerless bag gloves perform?

Find out what others say. Or better yet, tell us what you think of the Century fingerless bag gloves.

Here's your chance to let us know what you wear while training for the ring!

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Fingerless Gloves Make the Cut Not rated yet
I purchase the fingerless gloves not long ago and am so pleased with them! I like the strap wrap, it stays nicely. The grip bar is the best I have …

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A Change

I am seeing more and more fingerless bag gloves on the shelves at sporting goods stores these days. The design of such gloves is quite the departure from the traditional model of gloves.

And it can be a good departure if you do MMA.

I have some reasons why I think they are a good choice if you are doing MMA.

Bag gloves are generally light, 7oz leather padded mittens. The fingers were completely encased in the glove with the notion that this would open reduce potential injuries.

Why is this so and why are they increasing in popularity?

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Clearly, the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts fighting has played a huge role in the enhancement of the popularity of these gloves.

In the past, people only looked towards boxing and kickboxing as striking arts. Now, the world of MMA has opened the doors to different training methods.

Of course, this also opens the door to different types of training equipment. Fingerless gloves are a definitive indication of this.

Why would it be important to use fingerless bag gloves?

Well, if you are training for MMA, you will want equipment that is closer to what you would wear in the ring. That means if you are going to compete with fingerless gloves you probably will want to train with fingerless gloves.

Nothing is more awkward than competing with apparel or equipment that is a radical departure from what you train in. Always try to maintain consistency between training and competition sessions.

What if you do not do MMA?

Those that do not wish to compete can still use fingerless gloves as part of their training. The gloves provide a decent amount of protection provided they are used properly.

This bears a little further explaining: since you are wearing fingerless gloves, you need to be 100% sure you are always punished with a closed fist.

You do not want to hit the bag with a "dangling finger" since this would be a surefire way to suffer an injury. Be mindful of this risk and the odds will be strong that you do not suffer any finger jamming or, worse, breaks.

So are fingerless bag gloves or traditional bag gloves better?

Such a question can be a little difficult to answer. Why is that so?

There are two things that need to be taken into consideration here.

The first is personal preference. The other is the specific manufacturer. Certain people will get a much better workout with traditional gloves while others will get more benefit out of fingerless ones. Again, personal taste matters a lot here.

You also cannot downplay the value of a name brand manufacturer. High quality fingerless gloves made by a top industry name will always be better than low grade traditional gloves made by a less than reputable name.

(The inverse of this will be true as well) So, you need to explore the quality of the glove before making a purchasing decision.

There are some really excellent fingerless gloves out there. I recommend you give them a try. Century is a top brand and these gloves will love up to the challenge.

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