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hand wraps
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hand wraps
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As a mixed martial artist it is very important to protect your hands with hand wraps, because you need them to be in the best condition possible. There are a lot of bones in the hand and wrist, which can be easily damaged in boxing and will take a long time to heal if an injury is sustained. There are many reasons why you should use wraps and many different types of wraps for you to use. You need wraps so you can protect your hands, plain and simple.

If you cut corners on the hand wraps, you are inviting a debilitating injury, which can put you out of commission for weeks, and even months at a time. They assist with protecting your bones and the tendons in your hands.

You also need to support your wrists and thumb from injury too. You should always wrap your hands before you use a boxing glove and bag gloves.

When you try on boxing gloves, you should wear wraps also. This will give you a good idea how the gloves will fit when you are boxing – this will save you from ending up with gloves that leave no room for the addition of the protective wrap when you are using them in real life situations. It is best to try on your boxing gloves with the wraps.

Wraps that come from a sporting goods store are normally not the proper size. They also won’t have as long of a life as the others can. You should not skimp on your wraps, because quality is very important.

Remember, it is protecting YOUR hands and body parts from injury. It is better to spend a little more here than to spend a lot more for repair of a preventable injury.

Hand wraps are not very expensive. A decent pair you can buy for around $5 and a more elaborate pair for $15.

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hand wraps

The most common sizes of wraps for boxing are 120” and 180”. You want to be sure that your hand wraps are not too long or it will require you to make extra revolutions around your wrists and hands.

When this occurs, it also affects how your glove fits and it could make the gloves too tight. Not to mention, it can affect your actual performance while using them and make you slower and less agile. There are different styles of wraps. Three of the most common wraps include cotton herringbone, gauze bandage, and elasticized wraps.

hand wraps The cotton herringbone wraps are not stretchable. They are reusable and washable. If you can, you should make sure that you absolutely wash these after every match.

Elastic wraps are also known as Mexican Style because they are similar to the gauze wrap that used to be used in Mexico. There is a lot of stretch to these wraps and they are very comfortable fitting on the hand, though you should be careful not to stretch them so tight as to cut or reduce circulation to the hand. The elastic wraps are very popular now but they are more expensive. These wraps are also reusable and washable.


hand wraps

Professional boxers will use sports tape many times with gauze bandage wraps. It is not common to see a gauze hand wrap in martial arts competitions or in health clubs because they are disposable.

When you are finished with a gauze wrap it goes in the trash. It is not used again nor is it washed. The advantage of these is that you can get a very rigid wrap with minimal damage to the wrist area and maximum comfort to weight ratio.

When you choose a wrap to protect your hands while you are boxing, then you should consider which wrap is right for you. Be sure to find a wrap that is the right size and not too long. Another great option is an inner glove or Gel Wrap Glove.

hand wraps

You have to protect your hands when you are boxing or you can suffer serious injury that may stop you from being able to box, so choose wraps carefully.

Decide which wraps fit best for you. You may like the elastic wraps because they are stretchy or you might like the gauze. You decide which hand wraps are most comfortable for you while maintaining the best degree of safety and protection against injury while using them.

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Training Tips

MMA is very demanding as you know. One of the areas you need to target is power. You can get more power by performing lunges, pushing exercising, pull ups, squats and twists.

These body weight exercises teach you to be in control of your body and your fight. They help you develop explosive power. This is just one element that you'll need. MMA is so vast you need to train in an array of areas to get in shape. But using body weight exercises is one key way to get you in shape for the mat.

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