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Leather Speed Bag Gloves

leather speed bag gloves

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leather speed bag gloves
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leather speed bag gloves
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leather speed bag gloves
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leather speed bag gloves
Balazs Leather Speed Bag Gloves

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Speed bag gloves are hard to find, but Century has some very nice gloves that you see right here and on our page of Century gloves.

Ok, on to speed bag gloves!

Why use a speed bag?

The classic speed bag serves many purposes. You cannot hit a speed bag unless you keep your hands up and keeping your hands up is an absolute must if you wish to succeed in the ring.

I have many bruises that taught me that!

Hand/eye coordination is effectively developed which is another ‘must' when it comes to being a successful boxer.

There are scores of other benefits that speed bags deliver provided you work the speed bag in the proper manner.

That means you need to utilize leather speed bag gloves.

In order to get the most benefit out of working with a speed bag, you will need the right equipment. Most people will assume that equipment refers solely to the actual speed bag device.

That is certainly not an accurate statement. There are other things that play into working out on a speed bag. Having the proper speed bag gloves plays a role in this.


leather speed bag gloves With leather speed bag gloves, you do not have to worry about the bag sliding at the point of contact.

That means the bag itself will stay on the proper track and and behave itself!

You can't get a solid workout if the speed bag does not obey you. These speed bag gloves of leather certainly contribute to this.


Some may wonder if the same results can be procured from vinyl speed bag gloves. Some vinyl gloves can prove helpful during a speed bag workout.

In general, however, vinyl gloves are a major step down from leather gloves. Sure, vinyl gloves are a lot cheaper and more affordable.

The problem is that they run the risk of providing a far less valuable workout experience than what would be gained from using quality leather bag gloves. Really, you do not want to workout with leather speed bag gloves.

They simply are not all that helpful or valuable. Stick with leather. It is a much better material for tons of reasons. leather speed bag gloves Look at it this way: no serious practitioner in a pro-am boxing or kickboxing gym would waste time using vinyl gloves.

There is good reason for this: those that want to get the most benefit out of their workout performance are not going to employ the use of a pair of gloves that falter performance-wise.

Equipment that falters will undermine the potential to get the most benefit out of the workout. You want to improve after each and every workout session. Poor quality equipment will make this impossible.

Long Lasting

Leather speed bag gloves are also going to last a great deal longer than those made from vinyl. Vinyl simply is not built to last. Again, it is a lower quality material as compared to leather.

That is an undeniable fact and a major reason why you need to avoid investing in vinyl gloves as opposed to high quality leather ones.

So I might be a bit biased as you can see but go for the leather!leather speed bag gloves

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