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Revgear leather bag gloves are quite popular and for good reason:

They are some truly excellent gloves for MMA, boxing, and kickboxing training. In fact, some of the top names in the sport(s) opt for Revgear bag gloves in training.

This should not come as a surprise. They are durable and handle all manner of workouts. I personally was a fan of Centuryrevgear bag gloves until I tried these. They are nice!

revgear gloves The road to Revgear's success was not exactly an easy one. A look at its history reveals this...

Revgear is a very interesting company because it quite popular even though it does not have the longest tradition in the realm of boxing and kickboxing.

Marco Ruas

The turning point for Revgear was in the middle 1990's when it signed an endorsement deal with then UFC favorite Marco Ruas.revgear bag gloves

A series of full color advertisements began to appear in the martial arts magazines promoting Revgear boxing and kickboxing equipment (there were not MMA specific training items at the time) and the name was quickly established.

This is a good thing because we now have excellent items along the lines of Revgear bag gloves.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are lighter and smaller than boxing gloves and they are more intended for training and not for sparring.

That means you can use them on double end bags, focus mitts, Thai pads, and, of course, the heavy bag.

You could consider the inability to spar with these bag gloves to be a minor negative. However, it may be their only negative.

When you train, you want to vary the type of gloves that you use. Bag gloves allow you to move your hands a lot faster when you are training and they do not weigh down your cardio since they are not 16oz boxing gloves.

Additionally, when you use these gloves in training, you can save your ‘real' boxing gloves for training in the ring. That means they will last a lot longer.

Considering the fact that boxing gloves are much more expensive, you probably will want to do what you can to save them. revgear gloves

Speaking of cost....

The cost of these gloves is extremely reasonable for a pair of such high quality. An excellent pair of leather Revgear gloves can be purchased for $39.95 at Revgear.

They have a nice look and design and, of course, they are also highly durable.

For $39.95, it is tough to find a pair of gloves that provide such benefits. Yet, with Revgear, you get all this and more. This is a major reason why they are as popular as they have become.

In comparison to other excellent brands such as UFCrevgear bag gloves and Ringside,revgear bag gloves Revgear stands up quite well. That is why you really cannot go wrong with Revgear bag gloves. They handle well and provide a lot of benefit to your training.

Revgear bag gloves are better than UFC gloves...

Got your attention, eh?!

Well Revgear are good but what do you think? How do they compare to other brands. And what do you think of your Revgear gloves?

Find out what others say and leave your words of wisdom as well.

Here's your chance to let us know what you prefer while training for the knockout!

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