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These are the KWON DELUXE Punch Bag Gloves

Read on to find out about KWON and why they make solid gloves.


If you are going to train with the heavy bag, you are going to need a pair of good pair of bag gloves. They are important for protecting your hands.

Heavy bag gloves are created to prevent your hands from getting hurt while hitting the heavy bag. They are insulated for your knuckles which reduces the risk of wrist, hand and knuckle injury during your workout. The average heavy bag gloves weigh from 10-12 ounces but some prefer to use the 14 and 16 ounce ones.

KWON has an excellent pair of heavy bag gloves. They are made from genuine leather so they will hold up to all you can dish out and will be around a long, long time.

The gloves have a plastic core for extreme use on the punching bag or punching ball. They also have an integral grip strip and are stitched six times so you know these are built to last.

The individual adjustable hook and loop fastener makes them convenient to put on. This makes for a pretty snug fit.

The KWON Name
Even the Kwon name speaks volumes. The company was founded by Guenther Schramm in 1976 and was inspired by the Art of Taekwondo. Do not let that turn you off though. They have entered the MMA field and though they do not have a lot of products, they are quality.

By 1980 Kwon was registered on a national level and by the early nineties, Kwon's headquarters was in the U.S.

The Quality Securing System of Kwon was put in place in the mid 90's to ensure high quality throughout the world. Now actively doing business in over 30 countries, Kwon prides itself on being a well-balanced and innovative enterprise that offers highly rated and very competitive MMA products.

I have never been disappointed with Kwon products and this glove is certainly no exception. The price is very reasonable and the quality is great so, in my opinion, that makes for a sure hit!

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