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The Century Bob XL with Groin is one of the finer products in the Century catalog. Century has long since been a source of excellent products for those who are training martial arts.

Many have a number of misunderstandings about the value of the Century Bob XL device. Most critics of this training product will compare it a heavy bag and that is not really the right comparison to make.

A heavy bag is really designed for cardio, power, and endurance. With a Century Bob XL with Groin, the main purpose here is accuracy of certain targets.

Why Bob?

You can "pound away" on Bob a little bit. Just be sure you purchase the model with the base attachment since you do not want Bob bouncing away.

In all seriousness, you can hit Bob like a heavy bag. However, this is really not the prime purpose of using Bob.

Rather, it is a self-defense training tool designed in an anatomical manner for the purpose of hitting specific targets.

Self Defense

With self-defense training, you need to hit targets that are not constrained by weight classes. Thanks to the anatomical correctness of this product, you can pinpoint strikes (hands and kicks) to the eyes, throat, groin, rib area, etc.

This would be among the very best attributes to this particular device. Because of the amazing detail in the design of Bob, you can always be 100% sure whether or not you hit the right target.

This would be impossible with a heavy bag. That is a fact critics of Bob generally do not take into consideration.

Century BOB with Groin or BOB?

Is inclusion of the groin component necessary? Here is the answer to such concerns: it is most assuredly helpful to train groin shots and low blows.

***-mma-text-adsense.shtml***This returns us to the original statement that you need to practice techniques that can overcome weight class issues. Aggressors are not concerned with winning a bout.

They intend to do physical harm and training equipment designed for effective self-defense need to meet training goals for dealing with such issues. The Century Bob XL with Groin can aid in delivering on these needs. And, of course, Bob is designed with all the high standards that Century is known to meet.

The types of techniques you can practice on Bob are varied. As previously mentioned, you can practice closed fist punches. However, you can also practice a number of open hand slaps and strikes. And, of course, you can practice them with great accuracy.

Kicks on Century BOB with Groin

Kicks can also be successfully performed on a Century Bob XL with Groin device. You could practice savate style pointed shoe kicks to vital targets.

Yes, this will require quite a bit of practice. But, is that not what you purchased the Bob system for in the first place?

Some may even practice neck/throat grabs on Bob. Others have even devised ways to perform chokes on Bob. So, you can even modify a few grappling techniques for inclusion in your training.

If nothing else, there is tremendous versatility with Bob training. That is why it remains such an excellent device.

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