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BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB Body Opponent Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB XL Body Opponent Frestanding Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Bobby Bully by Century

BOB Punching Bag
Bobs Video by Century

Meet BOB, the best sparring partner ever!

Century BOB is as lifelike as a mannequin can get. The perfect partner for sparring techniques or target training, this fine piece of equipment will stand up to all the strikes, kicks, punches and jabs that you can dish out. And guess what? He wont even punch you back!

It's easy to forget sparring Bob is not really a person. Some have even dressed him up in fight shorts and a cool MMA t-shirt to make him look more "opponent" like!

The furthest I have gone is to dress BOB up for a practical joke but I do like to practice on BOB so that I can work on hitting specific areas such as the kidneys or face. I have even used him in weapons training.

The Body Opponent Bag is a freestanding bag meaning there is no need to hang him from the ceiling or hassle with a stand. It sits on a base that is sturdy but compact so it can be rolled into a corner or tucked away in the closet. The base is interchangable with the Wavemaster and Wavemaster XXL base and comes included in the standard package deal.

Constructed of high-strength plastisol for the "skin" on the outside and high-density urethane foam on the inside, BOB can be filled with water or sand, your personal preference. I like using water because I find it easier to fill and drain if needed.

I have a friend who heads to the mountains for a few weeks every year and takes BOB right along with him. Sure he gets some funny looks while cruising along down the highway with a mannequin in the front seat but he stays in tip-top shape.

When filled with water, BOB weighs in at about 270 pounds. There are 7 height adjustments from 60 inches to 78 inches which is awesome. I am short so the height adjustment is a feature I use quite often.

The Body Opponent Bag is made by Century and for those of you not familiar with Century, it is a very upstanding company based in Oklahoma. Century started out producing MMA products in 1976. Today they are recognized as the largest supplier of martial arts products in the world.

Century is all about quality and stands behind every item they produce so this bag comes with a full one year warranty.

Clearly BOB can help you take your game to the next level as you practice your techniques and accuracy but did you know it is one of the most effective tools in self-defense training as well?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a woman is attacked every three minutes and males are victimized at rates 22% higher than females. These days, you just have to know how to protect yourself.

Because you can practice your moves on specific body part and those areas are easily distinguishable and lifelike, BOB is fantastic for learning the art of self-defense.

I know of many MMA artists who not only train on BOB and use it to master their own offense and defense techniques, but encourage their spouses and children to learn self-defense on the mannequin too. Statistics show that you are 86% more likely to get away when you fight back so...do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get a BOB!

If you want an even larger target to work with which includes the groin area and are able to spend a little more, I suggest BOB XL. BOB XL is our best seller and my personal favorite but I started out on regular BOB and for the price, he just can't be beat, or rather, he can (all day long)!

If you need a workout to go with sparring bob, Bob's Video is great for optimizing your training program and to give you even more ideas of how to use BOB like some very effective drills to help you get the most out of your practice time, mastering kicks, punches and self defense techniques.

As far as self-defense and street fighting tactics, Sammy Franco's videosammy-franco-video is very informative.

In conclusion, BOB is about the best investment you can make to optimize your training program and take your game to a whole new level. It is effective, well made and we offer BOB at a very affordable price so get yours today...you'll be glad you did!

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