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BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB Body Opponent Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Century Sparring BOB XL Body Opponent Frestanding Bag

BOB Punching Bag
Bobby Bully by Century

BOB Punching Bag
Bobs Video by Century


The BOB Body Opponent Bag: Where else can you find a sparring partner that you can adjust ranging from 5' 10" to 6' 2"? Furthermore, where else can you find someone who will let you punch and strike away and wont move a muscle nor will he fight back?

With BOB, you can practice your accuracy as he is anatomically correct. Strikes to the kidney, a punch to the head...you can plan your attack and execute with this freestanding Body Opponent Bag.

Because BOB is filled with sand or water, you can easily unfill him and move him around. You can store him in a closet or take him along to spar elsewhere.

I know an MMA enthusiast who travels for a living and takes BOB wherever he goes. He gets some strange looks when checking into the hotel but he gets his BOB on!

Not only can you practice strategic moves, you can do so with power. BOB does not scoot around so you can pack a good punch and he stays put.

If you are looking for the ultimate sparring partner, BOB is your man!


If you think BOB body opponent bag has great features, you should check out BOB XL. He offers everything BOB does: lessons in accuracy and ability to withstand powerful punches but he does so on a larger scale.

Because BOB XL has a larger torso, you can practice groin strikes in the mix. He is also awesome for sparring, specific striking and choking and even weapons practice.

Also filled with water or sand, BOB XL weighs in at about 270 pounds. Choose from 10 height settings between 60 and 78 inches.

This is my favorite of the Body Opponent Bags because he is bigger and offers a bit more than the smaller version.


Why a BOB body opponent bag for kids?

Bobby Bully is his name. And he is here to help your child get better at the martial arts. Or just help your martial artist take out some frustration!

This child sized Body Opponent Bag is a smaller version of the regular BOB so youngsters can practice sparring techniques and target training.

Bobby Bully retails for $259.99.


What I think is great about Bobby is he helps teach control. As a martial arts teacher one of the hardest things to teach is control. Most kids can do a good round kick. BUT can they place it properly to the kidney, or just brush the nose?

BOB helps with that. My students must prove to me their control by sparring with no touch, before I allow them to spar full contact. Then once they spar full contact they must use control. By working with BOB students can kick to areas that I choose. By asking them to strike the ear with a back fist and the kidney with a round kick, the placement and control is enhanced.


Bob's Video is great for children and adults.

Adults will learn some state of the art methods to use with BOB and you can do so in the privacy of your own home.

For children, it is good for some awesome workouts. If your child is old enough they can view it themselves, or it can give you some great ideas about how to help them train.

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Bob Base - $50.00
Retail Price: $60.00
You Save: $10.00
from: Century MMA