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If you have a Wavemaster Base, you can interchange your Wavemaster top with a Body Opponent Bag Top. Talk about a deal, two for one...can't beat that!

Shaped like an upper torso the BOB Top will allow you to focus on striking different anatomical selection.

With "skin" made of a high-strength, it is very durable, authentic looking and feeling plastisol. The inner cavity is filled with high-density urethane foam.

BOB is perfect for Weapons Training too. You can practice your aim at a particular body part which is something you sure would not want to do on a human opponent.

Did you know that one assault occurs every 29 seconds? The Body Opponent Bag is also awesome for Self-Defense Training. He is so lifelike, you can really get a true feel for defending yourself against a real person. It's a great idea not only for men but for women and children as well.


You will need a base with this guy. He will not work without it. The Wavemaster base is what you need.

Full BOB

If you do not have a base, you can purchase the full BOB here.

How it Works

Simply fill the base with sand or water. It will weigh about 270 lbs. when filled. You can easily empty it to make it portable so you can take it to spar with a partner or even bring it along on vacation.


The base is designed to not slide. You can do some other things to help that. Put it on a sticky surface. Concrete or a mat will add some slippage. You can also buy a sticky base cover designed for BOB.

This shorter body is great for boxers who want to concentrate on the upper torso. The MMA practioner likes the full body, to incorporate kicking into the training.

What do people say?

-BOB requires more finesse than the heavy bag

- BOB heads gives, resembling the human head

- There are DVD’s to help with training BOB

- I highly recommend BOB


Take your BOB training to the next level
with instructions and helpful hints from this DVD. Learn how to give BOB your best kicks, punches and check out the self defense techniques. Designed by the Gold Medal Training Systems team to help you maximize your BOB training.

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Bob Base - $50.00
Retail Price: $60.00
You Save: $10.00
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