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Before we get into the heart of the articles...The KWON gloves above are excellent quality for a good price.

They are a synthethic style (100% durable PU Rexion). They have sewn-on thumbs and 3" wide hook and loop fasteners.

These are sparring gloves and can be used on the bag...Ok now to the good stuff. I have to say I was a bit surprised when I put on a pair of gloves. The boxers and mixed martial artist look so fluid. The gloves were heavy and cumbersome at first.

I came from a karate background, so I was used to very light gloves.

Boxing gloves originated in Greece and were not made for protection. They had very little in the way of padding and often had hard objects inserted. The boxing matches were meant to be bloody.

Thankfully times have changed. Although MMA and kickboxing are physical sports, much has been done to reduce injury. Though everyone likes a good tough match, gloves are now made much safer.

When you are first starting mma much of your training will be kickboxing as much as about grappling. When learning to kick box you are going to need some boxing gloves. You can box with your grappling gloves, but it is easier on you and your partner if you use boxing gloves!

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Boxing gloves are heavier and more padded than bag gloves. They are made for sparring and are easier on your partners face.

There are sixteen, twelve, ten, and eight ounce sizes (16oz, 12oz, 10oz, 8oz). There are all kinds of styles, from leather gloves to dri-fit gloves.

There are pre-molded gloves, meaning that they are already formed in a fist shape. Your fingers have to curl in these gloves. Others you have to form the hitting surface.

Gloves close with a variety of things. The most fitted gloves tie, while the velcro makes the gloves more simple.

A bigger glove is harder to accelerate as they weigh more. All gloves are made to absorb some of the impact of the punch to help reduce injuries to your partner.

High density polyurethane, cotton, and horsehair are some types of padding materials often used. Foam as a padding sometimes retains its shape. The best gloves go back to the original shape quickly.

The best gloves are leather and reinforced with stitching. New materials however are taking the market by storm, such as dri-fit gloves from Adidas. boxing gloves I personally like the dri-fit, but it stinks a lot more than leather.

The size of the gloves depends on the use. For sparring 16 oz gloves are recommended. For training we recommend 12 oz for beginner, and then moving up to a 16 oz glove.

Amateur Fights normally use 10 oz gloves. The colors are normally red or blue with a white target area to help judges score. You'll need to check your match rules however.

For professional fights you'll need to check the affiliate with whom the fight is sanctioned. Normally gloves are 8 oz.

Gloves come in small, medium, and large, and also for men and women. An average man will wear a large and the average woman a medium.

Your gloves need to fit with hand wraps on. They need to be snug but not restrictive. You do not want your fingers to go to sleep.

If you'll be by yourself for some training sessions, choose Velcro. For a more snug fits, that takes a partner to tie your gloves on, choose a tie.

Leather gloves are the top of the line, while vinyl is a cheaper gloves. Another great feature is called a thumb attachment, or a thumb-lock. Most gloves made nowadays have this feature, which helps to prevent thumb injuries or any accidental eye gouges than can occur during a match.

You can go to your local sporting good store for gloves, but you'll likely not find a knowledgeable person on boxing or mma. You are best asking your instructor and check out our Ultimate MMA Store.


You can find Century, KWON, Tigerclaw and Ringside at our MMA Store.

Revgear Sports Co. is also a good deal on most items and is good medium if you want to move away from UFC or Century. Fighter Warehouse will hook you up with free shipping and has Everlast, Dirty Boxer and Stich.

Bad Boy Fight Apparel is new and hot. You'll pay for the brand but the items are good.


boxing gloves The fit fighter is often the one who wins. Do not get me wrong technique is king, but if you have technique and no wind in the 3rd round; you could be asking for a knock out. That is getting yourself knocked out.

The first step to getting fit is finding the right program for you and sticking with it. I have changed throughout the years, but now go with an interval style training program geared toward MMA.

I like what Shamrock Strength and Conditioning does for power and how they use perodization. I am not a fan of the LSD anymore as running LSD makes you slow. That is why boxers jump rope to be fast, fast, fast. Intervals can take your speed up a notch.

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