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Twins Boxing Gloves: Top of the Line

Twins Boxing Gloves
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Twins Boxing Gloves
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Twins Boxing Gloves
Twins Muay Thai Boxing Gloves with Velcro Wrist - Red 8oz

Twins Boxing Gloves
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Twins Boxing Gloves
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Twins Boxing Gloves
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Twins Boxing Gloves
Twins Open Palm Wristwrap Gloves

It would be quite difficult to find ring and training gear that exceeds the quality of what Twins produces. And that is not an overstatement.

Twins products and Twins boxing gloves, in particular, have long since proven to be among the most popular gloves in the boxing and kickboxing realm.

There are a variety of reasons for this and all of these reasons shift back to a single word: quality. You would be very hard pressed to find boxing gloves that are produced better than the way Twins makes them.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

The name "Twins boxing gloves" is slightly inaccurate in the sense that the gloves originated in Thailand and were originally intended for Muay Thai kickboxing.

The gloves, in terms of their design, are identical to boxing gloves so they can be used in amateur and pro boxing bouts as well.

Actually, when the gloves were first sold in the USA, they were promoted to both boxing and kickboxing practitioners.

This has continued to this very day with one difference: Twins gloves are also promoted to people that train for MMA bouts.

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Who wears Twins gloves?

To list popular fighters that wear Twins gloves would be next to impossible to do in a short article.

Simply flipping channels on cable TV to a program such as The Ultimate Fighter or any kickboxing event will display the presence of someone wearing Twins boxing gloves.

And it is not just the famous name value of Twins that makes them so popular.

Twins boxing gloves are:

Durable. These gloves do not develop wear and tear all that quickly or easily. When you purchase a pair of these boxing gloves, you can feel confident that they can handle any workout you put them through.

This is true of even the toughest workouts imaginable. So, you can pound away on the heavy bag to your heart's content!

Long Lasting. Some may considering the following to be a shocking statement but it is true: Twins items can last upwards of a decade.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can get over ten years of use out of Twins gloves.

Safe. A pair of boxing gloves needs to serve the vital purpose of protecting the wearer's hands and the physical body of the person being hit in the ring.

Twins has a solid reputation for promoting safety in both these areas which is another reason why they are so commonly well recommended.

This is not to say you will be indestructible wearing them but you will assuredly attain greater safety with them as opposed to a lesser brand.

How are the boxing gloves made by Twins compare to those made by Everlast or Ringside?

I am glad you asked.

This can be a somewhat difficult question to answer because it depends on the particular type of glove you wish to compare it to.

That is, Everlast produces gloves ranging from retail store cardio level to professional in-ring fighting level.

Twins does not produce anything for the retail stores so Twins does not have ‘low quality' items on the market that Everlast, Century, or Ringside will provide.

However, the ‘legit' gloves of these many name brands are all outstanding. You really can't go wrong with any of them but if you wish to really play it safe, stick with Twins gloves.

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