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Century Leather Lace-Up Boxing Gloves

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Bad Boy Pro Series 16 oz Leather Sparring Boxing Gloves

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Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves Black 16 Oz. Pro Impact ($80 Value)

leather boxing gloves
Piranha Gear 16 oz Leather Boxing Gloves - X-Large

This great boxing glove carries the Century Gold Label which is an all new line of training gear.

It's the best, most durable MMA and boxing gear on the market today, so good in fact, it's the choice of 9-time Welterweight Champ Matt Hughes and Ricardo Liborio who is the World Champion, co-owner and head instructor of American team.

How can such greats be wrong?

If you want more proof, you need only check out the quality of the glove and our reviews. It's exterior is constructed with leather and it is filled with high-compression, injection molded padding that makes for superior hand covering.

The glove also features a white lace-up palm closure.

The sizes available are 8 oz, 10 oz. Regular and 10 oz. XL and it is available in black with red or red with black.


The only draw back of this great glove is that some are stand-offish about lacing up a glove.

Hold in mind though that the benefits to the glove far outweigh the inconvenience and that is why no boxer gets into the ring for a real fight wearing anything other than lace-up leather boxing gloves. They are that important.

You can, of course, opt for the Velcro hook-and-loop system but lace-ups will fit noticeably tighter.

So, yes, you will need an pair of helping hands to assist in tying of the gloves but in general, that is not too hard to arrange.

If you are going to spring for the lace-ups, then the Century Gold Label is, in my opinion, the way to go.


Octagon-White gloves

Knowledge of how to tie the laces is one skill that separates the wanna-be fighters from the big dogs.

Here are five easy steps to tying laces.

1. Pull the glove onto your hand and push down into the glove while pulling back at the same time. Though this may seem strange to do, it will ensure your fingers and thumb go to the bottom of the glove, ensuring the best fit.

2. Then, thread the lace through the top pair of grommets that are over your wrist, making sure the laces are even.

3. Run the lace through, threading it through the right and then left grommet as well and making sure it stays even.

4. Pull the laces tight after each round of lacing and continue with a criss-cross pattern until you reach the last pair of grommets on the glove.

5. Remove the laced-up glove and put on the unlaced glove and repeat steps one through four.

Matt Huges designed these gloves. He is a legend...what about the gloves?

Do the Century gloves perform?

Find out what others say. Or better yet, tell us what you think of the Century gloves.

Here's your chance to let us know what you wear while training for the Octagon!

Start right here with the title!

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After learning to lace them and getting in the ring with them, I will never go ...

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