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Purchasing Everlast Boxing Gloves

everlast boxing gloves
Everlast ProTex2 EverGel 16-Ounce Training Gloves (Large / X-Large)

everlast boxing gloves
Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Boxing Gloves (Black, 14-Ounce)

everlast boxing gloves
Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection Pro Style Training Gloves (12-Ounce)

everlast boxing gloves
Everlast Pro Style Women's Training Gloves (White, 12 oz.)

Why Everlast Boxing Gloves?

Among the most famous names in the world of boxing equipment is Everlast.

From heavy bags to speed bags to double end bags, Everlast has produced some truly amazing items. This is a company I will generally turn to first when I need to purchase a new set of boxing gloves. Honestly, they are often the first company I turn to when I need to purchase anything related to boxing.

Why is the company so popular?

There are a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that it is the company even novices are familiar with. This is because Everlast has a strong presence in retail stores. Many other decent boxing companies never ventured into retail stores and they lost a great deal of potential popularity as a result. Their loss was Everlast's gain.


When you buy a product from Everlast you can rest assured you are getting a solid item. (Okay, there is one caveat and we will get to it later) Everlast is a company that produces boxing gloves for both amateur and professional fighters.

This is not a fly by night brand. It has been in the business for decades and has long since been providing excellent items. My buddy has a pair of bag gloves from Everlast that he has been using for 10 years.

While they are a little worn now, they are still quite functional and provide adequate protection for his hands. When you buy quality items from Everlast, you can't go wrong.

This brings us to our caveat......

In the past few years, thanks to the development of cardio boxing and kickboxing, Everlast has released some less than desirable low cost gloves. These are the real cheap items that you will see in the retail stores.

Yes, there are some excellent Everlast gloves sold in these stores but there is some not so great items as well. You need to stay away from the low cost cheap gloves and look towards the more valuable and expensive ones.


But, why is a $109 pair of gloves better than a $19 pair? Simply put, there is no comparison between the two. A $19 pair of boxing gloves is not going to be of the same design and manufacturing quality.

It will not be durable and it will never last very long before starting to break down. And then there are safety issues - a cheap pair of boxing gloves is not safe for your hands and could lead to an injury. In short, you want to stay away from the cheap gloves as they really are risky to train with.

Thankfully, Everlast does many a number of high quality gloves that you can select from. Looking towards these gloves would be a much better option.

Training Tip

Train with your boxing gloves often, even in you fight MMA. Those fighters in MMA who train in boxing can stand up and go to the ground. To round out your MMA game, train in boxing.

Train using intervals before your boxing to get better fitness for your game. CrossFit is a nice place to train in short bursts, and then you can work on your technical portions longer.

Combining intervals with techniques of MMA will make you a stronger better fighter.

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