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Kickboxing Gloves
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Finding the right kick boxing gloves is of absolute paramount importance in kickboxing. It can make or break (literally!) your day.

And it is also of extreme importance to select the proper gloves so as to enhance your ability to get the most out of your kickboxing session.

Using the right gloves makes the entire process of learning a lot easier. That is why following these tips will be so very helpful:


First and foremost, stay away from any vinyl glove set that is under $30. These are the lowest of quality of kick boxing gloves and they undermine the main purpose of procuring the gloves in the first place. kickboxing gloves That is, they do not protect your hands adequately. You do not want to work with cheap kick boxing gloves that offer minimal protection...period!

The type of gloves that you use for kickboxing is the same as those that would be used for traditional boxing.

This is true regardless of the style of kickboxing you would be taking part in. Savate, Thai Boxing, classic American kickboxing, and K-1 style kickboxing all employ the same type of boxing gloves.

Yes, it is true that certain kick boxing gloves market themselves towards a specific sport. Everlast and Ringside are strong brands in the boxing world.

Twins and Revgear often promote themselves for Thai boxing and K-1 style competitions. However, this is more of a marketing strategy that anything else.

There is, however, an enormous difference between boxing/kick boxing gloves and MMA gloves. The main difference is that MMA gloves are significantly lighter and the fingers are free.
Everlast gloves are certainly fine for Thai boxing and Twins would be fine for USA Boxing bouts. The key here is that you want kick boxing gloves produced by a name manufacturer that will deliver a quality product.

The gloves are designed in such a way so as to promote effective clinching and grappling techniques. Attempting to perform MMA striking/grappling combination drills with traditional boxing gloves is usually an awkward proposition. So, if you are mixing up with grappling, you would probably want MMA gloves.

A word of warning:

Sparring with MMA gloves brings with it an additional concern. Namely, the lighter the gloves, the harder the impact of the high will be. These gloves are super light and do not land easy when you get hit by them even when you are wearing a face cage type headgear.

Also, the type of drills you perform when wearing MMA boxing gloves will have some limitations as well. For example, it probably is not a great idea to perform a heavy bag workout with MMA gloves unless you are directly training for MMA competition.

In short, if you are involved in a straight kickboxing workout, you will want to stick with traditional boxing and kick boxing gloves. They won't do you wrong! kickboxing

The right gloves:

When you do select your boxing gloves, you will have a choice between leather and vinyl. Leather is more expensive and it is also more recommended.

Leather is more durable, lasts longer, and handles a great many workouts without showing wear and tear. Even with heavy use, a pair of leather gloves can last 5+ years without being replaced. Vinyl gloves are decidedly lacking when compared to leather gloves.

However, it is not uncommon for quality vinyl gloves to be produced by name brand manufacturers. But, in general, leather kick boxing gloves is usually the best option.

Velcro or Lace:

Some may wonder if there is a difference between laced gloved and Velcro ones. Honestly, both are fine but Velcro is much easier to fasten making it the preferred choice for people working out in the gym. Laces are often preferred by those that compete on the amateur or pro circuit.

Weight of the Gloves:

The weight of the gloves come in the form of 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. You will select the gloves based on your body weight as well as your gender. kickbxing gloves
Men that are over 170lbs will generally use 16oz gloves and those under 170lbs will use 14oz.

Women over 140 often will use 14oz, those in between 115 - 139 will use 12oz, and those under 114 can use 10oz.

Is this true in all cases?

Actually, you can modify these rules depending upon your situation. A man weighing 190lbs may select 10oz or 12oz gloves when performing in Savate classes since the gloves need to move freely and easily to catch the incoming point of the shoe.

A light weight female may opt to wear 16oz if she wishes to boost her cardio. Again, there are no hard and fast rules unless you are sparring in the ring which will require heavier gloves for protection purposes.


And speaking of protection always be sure to wrap your hands. This will keep the wrist and knuckle bones aligned and straight. That reduces the potential for an injury significantly.

Finding Gloves:

We offer some gloves that we feel are quality in our store. If you do not see what you are looking for, try these brands.

Bad Boy Fight Apparel is a very good brand. Bad Boy comes from a BJJ background. They offer one pair of gloves in their pro line.
Fighter Warehouse has Everlast, Hayabusa Fightwear and Stitch boxing gloves. They offer free shipping in the US and Canada.

As mentioned above, Revgear Sports Co. prides itself it Muay Thai and their gloves reflect that.

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