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Adidas Boxing shoes will help you get a foothold on your boxing! Any boxer knows that a great pair of boxing shoes can keep you on your toes, literally.

If you aren't on your feet for the fight, you certainly are not going to win.

In addition to throwing and taking punches, footwork is key to a successful fight. It is a major part of boxing and is an art in and of itself which is imperative for a boxer to master so that he can move about to evade punches.

As one Boxing coach put it, "Show me a good Boxer and I'll show you someone who's good on their feet."

"Quick feet never get beat". You've heard the old adage. And...it rings true more times than not. Being fast and agile on your feet will prevent many an injury so it is an excellent defense and at the same time, is crucial in order for a fighter to put into motion his best offense as well.

World renouned boxer, Mike Tyson, had this to say, "I'm scared every time I go into the ring, but it's how you handle it. What you have to do is plant your feet, bite down on your mouthpiece and say, 'Let's go.'

In order ,as Tyson puts it, to "plant your foot down", or even to achieve fantastic footwork, a boxer needs a great pair of shoes and that's just fact. The fanciest of footwork is to no avail if the boxer slips and finds himself on the floor. You simply must be well grounded and that's where Adidas boxing shoes come in.

old boxing shoe
Even back in the early days of boxing, fighters wore shoes in the ring.

The first known Boxing Rules were published in 1743 and though they did not make mention of footwear, the revision in 1866 did.

More than actually stating what a boxer could wear on their feet, the topic was what they could not wear.
Among the 12 rules is: "No shoes or boots with spriggs allowed" --- spriggs meant spikes.

Then, in 1923, the rule was put into place that boxers had to wear "light boots or shoes (without spikes) or in socks." Although these days, Boxing rules vary from state to state, wearing Boxing shoes is not generally a requirement it's just plain smart.

In some respects, Boxing shoes have not changed all that much throughout the years. The concept is the same today as it was in the days of old.

The shoes are made of soft leather, suede, nylon or a lightweight material and have thin, non-slip soles.

Preferably, they are ventilated and have no real support on the heel and forefoot.

Although the concept remains unchanged, there have been many improvements made throughout the years. Adidas has been a forerunner in taking Adidas Boxing shoes to the next level.

American track and field athlete, Jesse Owens, was one of the first althletes to ever use Adidas. Specializing in sprints and long jumps, the shoes enhanced his abilities and he won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics.

Since then, Adidas has made it their business to provide the innovative technology to help runners run faster, jumpers jump higher and Boxers box better. They created the created the first canvas running shoe and developed the first spiked and studded soccer and track shoe as well.

Adidas has led the athletic shoe industry standard with their inventive approach to building the best boxing shoes.

All Adidas Boxing shoes and Adidas Boxing boots feature die cut midsoles for boxing specific cushioning for comfort and performance and feature slip resistant outsoles for secure traction.

They have worked for years and years to make the product what it is today.

State-of-the-art technology goes into each and every pair of shoes with advanced features such as ClimaCool which is a substance specially made to control temperature in shoes.

It is a moisture-wiking fabric meaning it keeps moisture away, repelling sweat so the athlete keeps dry and cool.

The conductive fibers, called X-Static, are used in the construction of Climacool which constists of polyester as well.

It actually draws heat away from critical heat zones and sends cooling signals to the brain, providing the constant function, and feeling, of cooling and is used in numerous Adidas products like Boxing Trunks, Rash Guards, Boxing Gloves and of course, in Adidas Boxing shoes.

And talk about style! Adidas is as much about looking good as they are about performing good so you can look good in the ring.

The brand is not a fly-by-night one either. It is is a German sports clothing manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-Adidas golf company (including Ashworth), and Rockport.

They produce other products as well such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and much more. Adidas even makes a cologne! They are the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the next to the largest sportswear manufacturer in the entire world.

mohamad ali boxing shoes
Who wears Adidas Boxing shoes? Former professional boxing icon, Mohamad Ali, actually wore these back in the day and scores of boxers sport them now like Jose Benavidez, a currently undefeated Mexican-American professional boxer in the Light Welterweight division and WBO Female Bantamweight Boxing Champion, Kaliesha West.

Adidas not only provides the most up-to-date fashions and performance for Boxing shoes but they are made of excellent quality so they will hold up to all you can dish out and they will last.

Whether you perfer hightops, lowtops or no tops at all, you're gonna be head over heels about the Adidas line like the Adidas Adilux, these shoes provide state of the art grip soles, ClimaCool nylon mesh for maximixed ventilation and they are unbelievably super light.

adidas adistar shoe

Adidas Adistar Boxing Shoes are sharp! The ClimaCool mesh design keeps your feet from getting too hot and sweating which a good thing because sweating feet would certainly mess up your game.

The upper part of the high top is constructed of split suede leather and a synthetic molded frame, making the fit extra comfortable and lightweight as well. The air light foam lined toungue and forefoot also add to the comfort and fantastic fit.

Precision pivots are easy to pull off with the extra support in the heel area and the split sole bottom with rubber forefront make for maximum drive and enhance awesome performance.

This shoe is so light you will forget that it is an 8" high Boxing boot!

Check out the new Adistar Boxing Boot pictured at the very top! This sharp red and white boot has been strategically designed to provide more power. There's a sturdy spine runs from heel to the ankle and 3D engineered foam structure for optimal whole foot support, stability and midsole cushioning. The boot was specially designed for the London 2012 Olympic Games and is just now on the shelves.

Tygun II is another wildly popular boot as is the Pro Bout Boxing Shoes, Pro Bout and Box Hog. You can count on Adidas putting out new lines of Adidas Boxing shoes quite often.

adidas adilux shoe
The Adidas Adilux is a nice low top choice. The genuine leather upper part of the shoe makes them extremely comfortable which is a great plus in the ring or even for casual wear.

The sole has a split design that features an cushioned EVA midsole coupled with a rubber outsole for awesome versaltility. The sponge-like midsole and rubber outsole (the EVA) make for excellent shock absorption and grip so you can perform at your max.

Sizes range from 4-12 1/2 and come in half sizes. You can get them in Black and White or White with Black.

If you are looking for an all around good shoe that will serve you well not only in Boxing but in other sports and leisure activities, this shoe is a definate one to consider and the price is right too!

When it comes to boxing one thing is for sure, you simply must have great footwork if you intend to win. Your footwork is only as good as the shoes you do it in so be sure your shoes enhance your every move. If you want a product that is simply undefeated that will keep you well grounded, sink your toes into a pair of Adidas Boxing shoes and see what they deliver.

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