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Pink boxing gloves?

You'd think a women in MMA would not want to wear pink, but pink is very popular.

Who's wearing pink gloves?

Well Cris Santos for one. And she is not one to mess with!


Because the woman can back it up!

Just go to our page on Womens MMA and you'll find women fighters and see how they are not just for show. They are the real deal. Now how about those gloves...well they are the real deal too.

Boxing gloves made in pink are made for a women's hand usually. The only thing you have to watch out for is that they are not cardio gloves. You want a boxing glove.

Assuming all pink gloves are made for women, and I hope so, they are made for the cut of a women's hand.

Let's take a look at the best brands.


Century Gloves-Pink and White Century has pink boxing gloves and they are not cardio gloves. Century gloves are good quality and they get the job done. They are a mid-level brand.

For the price they are my pick.


Everlast- Pink Boxing Gloves Everlast has very good gloves. They were one of the first on the scene in boxing. I highly recommend Everlast and their quality.

Everlast Pink Gloves. will keep your hands safe, fit you well and last for a long time.


Stich Gear is named after Stitch the cutman, that is Jacob "Stitch" Duran. He is the undisputed authority on protecting fighters. He is well respected by fighters and the industry.

Stitch gear is made with that in mine. Keeping you safe.


Revgear- Pink Boxing Gloves Dr. Phil recommended Revgear. I would not let that be a factor in buying boxing gloves! Revgear is a solid brand however. They sometimes are a little more expensive but they are going to last.

The brand is worth it, though I'd go with the above two brands first.

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