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As a long time fan of kickboxing, it is great that I see more and more MMA practitioners looking to cross train in kickboxing. That, of course, means they need to look towards purchasing gloves that are more akin to training the sport. That does raise questions regarding the type of gloves to purchase. Here is my take on the matter:

Kickboxing Gloves-Everlast Type of Glove

For kickboxing gloves, you need to stick with traditional slightly modified Muay Thai gloves or some of the traditional boxing gloves on the market.

These are pretty much identical to one another and they come in the common weights of 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. You would select the weight of the glove based on your own weight and frame.

The only gloves you would want to stay away from are those designed for cardio since they provide no protection and the very light savate gloves designed for light contact and catching the tip of a shoe. But, traditional boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai gloves are fine.


In general, you will want heavy vinyl or leather gloves that have been designed to handle the high impact of the sport.

One problem I have noticed is that cardio kickboxing has allowed a lot of super cheap gloves to find their way to the market.

They provide next to no protection and this means they always present an injury risk.


Purchase real gloves made by real professionals instead! Doing otherwise presents a risk that just is not worth it.

Sticking with gloves produced by name manufacturers is probably your best option when trying to acquire top gloves. Just beware of the ‘cheapie' gloves that some name manufacturers release to the retail market.

These gloves are commonly identifiable because they cost under $30 and look really weak in comparison to truly valuable gloves.

Some may wonder if kickboxing gloves work for MMA. Kickboxing gloves are not allowed in MMA competition and that is a good thing. Since you cannot grapple with them, they would become little more than a major negative not worth the trouble.

That said, you do need to invest the time with wearing kickboxing gloves when you train in the gym. The use of the gloves would not alter much from their traditional use in kickboxing. Kickboxing Gloves-Century

However, the inclusion of grappling and wrestling drills to the mix would certainly add another dimension to the process. However, you will need to be additionally careful in your training since you do not want to risk injuries when trying to perform grappling drills with gloves designed more for striking and clinching.

All in all, if you follow smart consumer decision making when you seek to add such equipment to your training program, you will get the most out of using your gloves.

Where to find these gloves

We offer some quality gloves right here at our MMA Warehouse. We also recommend Fighter Warehouse. They carry Everlast, Stitch and TKO and offer free shipping.

Another good alternative is RevGear. They are a quality brand.

Bad Boy Leather Boxing Gloves are very good as well, and just a cool brand!

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