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What happens to an amateur boxer when he scores 15 TKO victories?

More than likely, he is well on his way to becoming a professional fighter?

And what do you call a professional fighter with 15 TKO wins?

At the very least, you would call him a very good pro. He could also be called champion and, in some cases, you could call him a famous champion.

Either way, a boxer (or kickboxer) with scores of TKO victories is a solid fighter. That is why TKO gloves are so popular in the marketplace.

The mere mention of the letters "TKO" draws images in one's mind of victory. And who would not want a pair of boxing gloves that lead to victory.

The Win

Okay, TKO gloves alone are not going to lead to victory. We all realize this.

We also realize that it is quite necessary to look towards purchasing boxing gloves that will handle under the rigors of training while also handling well in the ring.

TKO boxing gloves definitely can meet both criteria which is why they remain so highly recommended.


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The design of these gloves is not achieved through a cursory or flippant approach to crafting the gloves. A great deal of scientific development went into creating TKO gloves. Just be sure that you purchase the proper boxing gloves for your needs.

There are different boxing gloves in the TKO line. For example, if you are a hobbyist that mainly takes cardio classes, you probably would be best served with a pair of TKO All-Purpose gloves.

These are certainly durable gloves but their limitation will show in serious training programs.

Similarly, if you want a pair of gloves that can handle a more serious and strenuous workout you would be better served looking towards the TKO Pro Style line of boxing gloves.

Such gloves can handle much longer and tougher workout sessions that occur with more frequency.

Remember, the key to getting the most out of your boxing gloves would be to purchase the right boxing gloves for your needs.

When the gloves don't properly match the workout you wish to perform, you are not going to get the most out of the workout. Again, you need congruency between the type of gloves you purchase and the workout you are intending to become involved with.


TKO Boxing Gloves 2

When comparing TKO boxing gloves to other brands, we return to the previous notion of determining the ‘grade' of gloves.

The TKO Pro Style line matches up quite well with the various other major names in the industry.

The cardio gloves match quite well with cardio gloves produced by other name manufacturers.

However, comparing cardio gloves to pro-am gloves would not be appropriate since both types of gloves serve different purposes.

That said, you really can't go wrong purchasing TKO boxing gloves. They are well designed gloved that can exceed expectations even in the most difficult workouts. Consider that a solid reason for recommending them.

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