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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
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century boxing gloves
Century Layered Wristwrap Boxing Youth Glove 6oz.

Century Wristwrap Boxing Gloves make the cut. They are a solid glove for boxing.

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boxing glove century Hook and Closure

If you are wanting to get your boxing gloves on and off with ease and do not want to rely on assistance to tie lace-up gloves, you will love the hook and loop closure on the 3" inch wristwrap.

The hook and loop system offers maximum protection to the hand and wrist while making the gloves easy and quick to slip on and fasten.

Wraparound Wrist

A wraparound wrist wrap provides secure, non-slip closure. As with all Century products, the gloves are quality made. Constructed with black synthetic material, the gloves are affordable yet durable.

Extra padding and coverage of the fist and back of the hand is great for shock absorption.

They have a foam core and feature a cushioned grip bar that offers just enough padding to get a good grip safely but not so much padding that it interferes with the process.

A vented palm keeps the hands cool and dry which is very important for both performance and comfort.

Thumb Comfort

Yeah really, thumb comfort!

The gloves also have tied thumbs with a vinyl outer shell and nylon lining so your thumbs stay protection and comfort. Aerobic boxing, bag work and light sparring are among the versatile uses of this flexible glove.

If you are looking for gloves that offer convenience and are economical as well, the Century Layered Wristwrap Boxing glove are a good choice for a boxing glove.


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century boxing gloves