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The Long and the Short of Title Professional Boxing Trunks


Title Professional Boxing Trunks are some of the best boxing shorts you will find around. Title shorts have you covered when it comes to a great blend of stylish looks and functionability. Your'e going to love the way these Title Boxing Shorts title-shorts look and feel!


These fine shorts are professionally tailored and feature a ultra rich and brilliant sheen satin so they look sharp. There is an extra wide 4" waistband is double thick so you can be sure they are durable.

Five interwoven 1/2" wide strands of professional elastic make the fit snug, comfy. They also have non-slip wear. The cut is extra roomy in the crotch, legs and inseam for unrestricted movement and peak performance and we know how important that can be!

The shorts are knee length with 4.5" leg slits and embroidered waistband "Title" label adds an extra flair to each pair.


Since it's hard to decide what's more important, fit or style, Title made these shorts so you don't have to decide...they have both

The satin sheen and thick labeled waistband make the shorts super classy.

There is an array of color choices too including: black, white, black and white, red and white, black and red, black and gold and pink and white.

They also have the Classic Stock Boxing Trunkstitle-classic-shorts, T-shirts, hoodiestitle-hoody, and so much more. And the best thing is that no matter what you purchase, if it's Title brand, it's of great quality and that classy style.


Title Boxing has been a trusted brand in MMA for years. It has been around for a long time and has earned quite a name for itself.

Title is a top supplier for Martial Arts apparel and even equipment like Heavy Bags and Boxing Glovestitle-boxing-gloves. They actually feature over 20 brands!

Title Boxing works hard to connect to their fans and offers great customer service to prove it.

They are constantly working on new products and improving the old ones and that is apparent in their fine line of products.

The company's motto is, "If we don't have it, you don't need it".


The price is right too! Title shorts are affordable and you will get a lot of wear from them too because they are built to last.


At Title Boxing, you can even custom order Boxing Shorts. You pick the colors, size and the lettering too. You also get to choose if you want slits or not.


Title sponsors many athletes in many sports including Boxing and MMA. Irish Pro Boxer, Patrick Hyland sports the Title brand as seen above as do many, many other boxers and MMA fighters.


Female Fighters Laura Marcusse and Marloes Coenen use Title equipment too as you can see. The two took a little time off training to goof off a little. Read more about Female Fighters right here...

The long and the short of it is that Title Boxing makes a great pair of shorts and if you are in the market for pair, try Title Professional Boxing Trunks...they wont disappoint!
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