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Muay Thai Shield

UFC Muay Thai Pad
Working Out with the Muay Thai Shield
Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
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Muay Thai Shield
GelTech Deluxe Thai Pad for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing

Muay Thai is a sport well known for its toughness and hard training. Unlike other forms of ring kickboxing, Muay Thai is not a precision sport.

Muay Thai

This is an impact sport. In other words, the goal is to generate a lot of power in the strikes which, in turn, enhances the potential to achieve a knockout.

Such an approach is not one that will be achieved without the proper training. You will need to use impact training equipment designed to develop such a high level of power.

Muay Thai Shield or Focus Mitts

One of the very best training equipment items you can use and among the most helpful is the Muay Thai shield. Without a doubt, this is a tremendous piece of equipment that can certain enhance one's ability to get the most out of your impact training.

Some may wonder if there is much of a difference between training with a shield and focus mitts. The difference between the two is enormously pronounced since both items serve a different purpose.

Focus Mitts

Focus mitts are commonly employed with movement. That is, they act as a moving target for punches and kicks.

The Shield

A shield is really designed to provide a clear target in which to hit as hard as possible. This is not to say there is no movement employed with using a shield.

muay thai shieldYou should not be completely stationary with the shield, but there comes a point where the holder will need to become planted. This way, the person training can hit the shield as hard as possible with kicks or knees.

(It is rare that you would punch a shield) Once the shield is planted, you can "blast away" on it.


Here is a common and simple drill employed with the shield:

The shield holder circles the fighter. At some point, the shield holder will advance on the fighter in a straight line.

The fighter will stop the shield holder with a front kick and then immediately fire a knee. This is then followed by grabbing the shield holder's neck and moving him into kicking range and then performing a double kick on the shield.

As you can see, this is designed to develop power through the heavy impact striking of the shield. Also, you will notice certain mobility limitations since the shield is rather oversized.

muay thai shield Of course, the additional size comes from the excess padding which is designed to handle extremely powerful kicks and knees.

Goals of the Shield

So, it is best to understand that the differences do not make the shield better or worse. It just means the goals deriving from working with the shield are different.

Yes, there are certain limitations to using the shield because the purpose is very specific.

And it should go without saying that the Muay Thai shield is a must for MMA training as well. The reason for this is that Muay Thai combined with traditional western boxing creates the epicenter for MMA striking and stand up fighting.

As such, it is vital to integrate the training equipment of Muay Thai into MMA striking training sessions.

Muay Thai Shields

There are some nice shields out there. Bad Boy has a great shield. There items are all high quality. This is evidenced by how little gear they have. They do not have to sell a lot of different kids as it is all so good.

The Bad Boy Muay Thai Pad is my recommendation for a good Thai shield.

Another good high quality shield is Hayabusa Muay Thai shield. This brand offers a portion of all sales to fighters from amaetuer to pro. I like that promotion of the sport. You can get this item shipped from the US and Canada at Fighter Warehouse.

Namely, these pads are the bridge between a heavy bag and a pair of focus mitts. That is to say, the purpose of Thai targets is to develop conditioning and endurance in the same way these attributes would be developed on a heavy bag.

And, of course, Thai pads come with a great deal of mobility in their training sessions since they will be held by a workout partner. This way, the Thai pads are used in a manner that is similar to focus mitts as timing, distancing, and partner drills can be worked into the program in a way a heavy bag cannot.

And while their origin may have been in Thai boxing, these pads are effective in any sport that integrates Thai boxing into the mix or employs strikes similar to Thai boxing. Hence, these pads are critical for MMA training.

ufc focus mitts Origin

Focus mitts simply cannot deliver in the same manner that Thai pads can be used. This is because focus pads have been designed almost exclusively as a target for punches. Yes, you can train certain kicks and elbows on focus mitts, but they way you do so is limited.

Focus mitts are much lighter and cannot handle the powerful shin kicks, knee strikes and heavy elbow blows that a Thai pad is able to. Simply put, it is dangerous to train knees and shin strikes with focus mitts since they cannot absorb the impact as they were never designed to.


Also, these pads have been designed in such a way that they are held on the forearms which allows for mobility of the target around the torso. This lets the trainer safely work with the fighter in a series of fast paced drills without presented an injury risk to all involved.

And, of course, the fighter can literally ‘blast away' on the pads since the thickness of the pads absorbs all manner of impact. In traditional Thai training, the rounds are very long. They are not the common 2 or 3 minute boxing rounds. They may train for 6 minutes straight per round and work for 6 rounds with a one minute break.


Needless to say, that requires great conditioning. Then again, the purpose of such rounds is to develop great conditioning and it does so with extreme effectiveness.

When you do purchase Thai pads, it is of absolutely paramount importance that you purchase reliable, heavy, leather pads made by a major name in the kickboxing/MMA business.


Cheap or low grade Thai pads are dangerous to train with and do not deliver and effective workout. However, with the right name brand of Pads, you can have a solid workout that is delivered efficiently and effectively. This is true whether you are headed to the ring or the cage.

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