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Body Shield
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Body Shield
Body Shield

Body Shield
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Body Shield
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Body Shield
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If you've ever experienced a knee to the chest or a strike to the abdomen, you can appreciate the importance of using a Body Shield. Not only are these injuries uncomfortable, they are dangerous as well and can interfere with your game plan, sometimes for life!

Just ask Cal Worsham. In UFC 9, he was the victim of one of the most life threatening injuries that have ever occured in the ring. Opponent Zane Frasier, got to Worsham with a knee to the chest that broke Worsham's ribs and collapsed his lungs. It also damaged his heart. Once he was backstaged, he collapsed and spent a week in the hospital where at one time his chances of survival were questionable.

Protecting the chest area is nothing new. Knights in Shining Armour used them back in the day. There were many types and sizes that were made from various materials like metal, leather or wood. Whether jousting or in a heated battle, these men of old knew to protect thier chest area or else. A Body Shield can make your life much more comfortable and possibly can make your life longer as well!

There are lots of different Body Shields so you are sure to find one that is right for you. There are shields that are hand held and those that are worn as vests. There are large shields and small shields as well.

You will find gel body protectors, belly protectors, striking pads and shields, Thai shields, punch and kick shields, rib and ab protectors and many more variations.

Brought to you at rock bottom prices, we carry the best quality in Chest Protectors with names like Century, Kwon and the likes. We service your Chest Protector needs like your life depends on it because...it might!


If you want to be able to workout to the fullest with a partner and not worry about someone getting injured, Kwon's Body Shield is a good option.

As the name implies, this shield covers the whole body area. It has arm loops to conveniently hold it in place so your arms are free so you can practice a variety of striking techniques. It is also very helpful for countering with your partner.

It is a sturdy product, that will hold up to some abuse.

KWON is good quality and you'll get your moneys worth here.

Arm loops allow you to train, handsfree and a reinforced hand grip is helpful as well. The shield is slightly curved so it makes for more effective training.

Constructed of a dual core system that consists of soft but heavy foam material, the shield measures about 26'x16'x5' and is available in black or red.


This is a top of the line multi-striking shield that is angled on all sides which allows you to get to every angle of your opponent. Great for uppercuts, elbows, and even body shots, this shield will help you take your skills to the next level and develop you skills to the max.

It is excellent for full contact because it easily absorbs strikes. The riveted Velcro straps are reinforced and stitched well while the Velcro straps and handle ensures a secure grip. This product will help you get where you want to be in MMA.


Kwon also has a body shield that is of moderate size but still withstands a strenuous workout with hard kicks and punches. But it is a step down form the above model.

It has a new foam inside filling and a strong PVC vinyl covering that wont tear or rip.

Again the body shield has two forearm loops so you can have your hands and arms free. The reinforced grip loops will help to keep the bag from tearing at the loops.

It is approximately 23.5 x 1.8 x 6 and is available in blue or red.
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