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MMA gloves are the foundation of your gear.
If this is your first time ever learning to box in MMA, it’s best to start out with a solid pair of gloves. For training you'll likely start out with boxing gloves as you learn to kickbox. As you progress you'll move to grappling gloves.
Fight the urge to start out with a pair of the open palm UFC gloves you see the guys on UFC wearing. You first have to learn how to make a proper fist at all times.

Learning proper form early on while wearing heavier boxing gloves is a good idea. Once you’re an experienced fighter you can switch to the open palm gloves, most of which cost around $50.

We have some brand name gloves for as little as $24 in our store. Century has great quality gloves, with gloves of all prices. They have their traditional gloves and now a new line from Matt Hughes. Once you are ready to switch from kickboxing on your feet to ground fighting, then MMA grappling gloves are essential.

mma gloves Just starting ground fighting?

You probably don’t need to invest in open palm gloves yet. That’s going to depend on what your instructor requires you to wear.

Your instructor should present you with a list of mandatory equipment you need when you sign up for training.


mma gloves You’re going to have different glove needs depending on what you are going to be doing. If you’re just starting out in training MMA, stick with some heavier 16-ounce boxing gloves.

If you’ve been training for a while, it’s probably time to upgrade to a pair of open palm gloves. If it’s time for your first competition, make sure your open palm gloves meet the regulations for your fight.

Do you need a woman's specific glove? Women are taking the mma by storm. There are now women specific gloves made for a smaller hand.


mma gloves You’re going to need high-quality padding in a MMA boxing glove above all else. It’s easy to tell when your gloves need to be replaced because the padding will be mushy.

You want your padding to be firm to protect your hands from injury. Not only that, but you’re not going to train properly if the padding is deteriorating.

You’re going to punch with less power when you’re padding is wearing out and that’s a very bad thing. You never want to train yourself to hesitate when punching.

UFC gloves are one of the best for having a nicely padded glove, still allowing for easy grappling.


mma gloves A good place to start is with at least a 16-ounce glove for both men and women who are training MMA for the first time. These will be pretty versatile whether you’re hitting a bag or sparring with other fighters and will provide plenty of protection.

Some people prefer to train with lighter gloves, because they like the way it feels to train in lighter, less bulky gloves.


mma gloves When looking into which MMA gloves to buy, you can go for either the fingerless open palm glove or the closed-fist boxing glove. The boxing gloves are good for hitting the bag or focus mitts during training.

If you’ve got open finger gloves, the thing to remember is that you will likely cut your fingers. It’s easy to get snagged on someone else’s equipment, so there’s more likelihood of bumps, bruises, or cuts with these gloves.


mma gloves Once you’re confident in your abilities, you can use the open palm gloves for hitting the bag in class or working the focus mitts with a partner.

Open palm gloves are necessary once you’re really into your MMA training and doing ground fighting as well as boxing/kickboxing.

Think about it: boxing gloves are totally fine during boxing and kickboxing but they get in the way once the fight goes to the floor and you’re engaged in ground fighting.

That is when you’re going to want the versatility of the open palm, fingerless MMA glove. Open palm MMA gloves let you train without having to stop to change gloves when you’re working on your kickboxing, then grappling and going back to kickboxing.


mma gloves If you’re planning to compete in MMA, you’re going to need a certain kind of glove. You’re going to have to find out what the rules and regulations are for your fight and then make sure your gloves fit those regulations.

These will be open palm MMA gloves with plenty of padding on the striking surface of your fist. This will allow you to punch confidently and grapple with your opponent. UFC Gloves are required for some bouts.


I carry a few of the gloves that I think are the best. You can find these gloves right here at our store Ultimate MMA. Bad Boy Fight Apparel who specializes in BJJ has a line of gloves that are quality and made for grappling.

You can find a variety of gloves but I have reviewed what I believe are the top gloves. There are some up and coming companies though such as Combat Gloves which is a Canadian glove.
Revgear has gloves that come out of a grappling background as well. While not as popular as other brands they are a quality brand.

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