Focus Master Floor Stand

focus master

I would like to tell you a bit about the floor stand.

It is made for the FocusMaster to mount to it instead of a wall. So you'll not need to screw anything into the wall. It is a free standing unit.

You'd think this couldn't handle the rigors of a fighter training on it, but surprisingly it is steady and secure.

Using this as opposed to the wall mount will make it more flexible. You'll be able to move it around.

Now you'll need a fair amount of space for this baby. It is not small at 72" tall and 30" wide.

The FocusMaster can be considered one of the more unique training devices for mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and even traditional martial arts practitioners. This device can be considered a specially designed hybrid of a focus mitt workout and a heavy bag session.

Granted, the differences between the two are somewhat significant. And, unlike some common ‘gimmick oriented' training devices, the FocusMaster can actually deliver demonstrable results in terms of improving conditioning.

Free Standing Focus Master

focus master

The Focus Master has the unique ability to be used as a free standing bag as well. See the free standing unit at Focus Master Free Floor Stand.

Probably the most beneficial aspect of the Focus Master is that it ties into the old training axiom that you can never get enough repetitions.

When you work with the Focus Master, you will be able to perform as many variants of traditional boxing and kickboxing combinations as you wish.

The more reps you get in with this device, the more experience with body mechanics, accuracy, and, to a lesser extent, power is developed.

And, of course, there is always the added benefit of burning calories and developing lean muscle mass. While sometimes overlooked, all of these benefits are significantly helpful for those wishing to improve their conditioning and endurance.



The Focus Master is also a solid tool for accuracy. A heavy bag has a much larger mass to it which is understandable since the bag is designed to aid in developing power and endurance.

With the Focus Master, the intended target is a smaller circular focus mitt style apparatus. Such a target is more pinpointed and defined which means it can be used for developing accuracy.

One of the best ways to ensure this is to hit dead center on the target. Most mitts will come with the drawing of a small dot in the center of the focus mitt. Aiming towards such dots can aid in boosting your potential to be accurate.



The stationary component of this type of training device does hamper the ability to move around it, but there is a benefit to be found here as well: you can hit it with a lot more power.

Again, you will be limited in terms of how much power you can exert as opposed to a heavy bag, but this is certainly NOT a weak system that will collapse under excess stress.

In actuality, the frame of the Focus Master is strong enough to absorb a great deal of impact from those that hit it with a little weight behind their punches.

So, there is no need to worry about the system breaking. You can ‘pound away.' Just be sure to do so with proper accuracy as you do not want to sacrifice form in your workout sessions. To do so would undermine a lot of the benefits from the workout.

So what is the conclusion?

The potential benefits to MMA training are rather vast. A fighter can develop many attributes from working out on such a device.

Additionally, there is much flexibility to the device since it can be attached to many structures in the home or in an apartment.

Consider such pluses to be a huge help for anyone looking to get workouts in at the home. For some fighters, such flexibility is a must since their schedules need it.


focus master The steel frame is 6 feet tall and 12 inches wide. The frame is twenty solid steel jig welded mounting studs. This is for attaching FocusMaster pads and targets.

One straight on target and two spring loaded targets are included in this purchase.

Every target has the Lock In Tumbler System so accessory and target changes are quick. You can change the target angle, target heights and number of targets.

You will mount the unit to the floor and wall and you are ready to train.

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