Century Aerobic Wavemaster

I have been a practitioner of martial arts for years and am a huge fan of the Century bag.



While a good Aerobic Workout, like the kind you will get with this bag, will boost your endurance and help keep you from running out of energy, the most important aspect is practicing skills.. It's a "fight to the finish" game in MMA and you simply must be in tip top shape throughout the entire bout. If you skills are good than you are going to expend less energy. These bags are great for practicing control.

Those looking to use this bag for power training will not be all that thrilled with the end result of their training. This bag is just not heavy enough and the base of the bag - which is filled with water - will not handle super hard impact training.

In other words, if you perform a really hard and serious punching and kicking workout on the system, you will find the Wavemaster moves a little too much and does not absorb such power training effectively. You will be better off with a Heavy Bag or even a Wavemaster XXL which is a heavier version of the Century Wavemaster.

However, this bag can withstand lighter hits which mean it definitely works wonders as far as skills workouts go. Ask UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz how important Cardio Training is. He and his brother Nate, who also fights for the UFC, are all about exercise.

"All the athleticism that I have, it's because of me," Nick has been quoted as saying. At an early age, Nick's mother took him to swimming lessons and he took it from there. Since then, he has built upon the cardio training and pumped it up a notch, swimming from Alcatraz to the shore at least once. Nick is a prime example of what Aerobics can do for your fight game.



It is important to point out that the Wavemaster is not a cheap knockoff of a heavy bag. It is a durable modification of a one. designed for home use.

This makes it an accessible bag for those looking to integrate boxing/kickboxing gear into an area where hanging a heavy bag would just not be practical. That makes it perfect for those that would like a reliable target in their home or apartment.

And the base is designed specifically for the ability to roll the unit in and out of a room with ease. So, when you are through with it, you simply roll it back into the closet where it will be out of the way. This is not as easy with a heavy bag. Additionally, there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling as there would be with a heavy bag.

So, consider that a huge convenience which makes the product much more accessible than other training products.


Ultimately, this is the primary reason that the bag was developed. It is intended to provide a way to perform a boxing or kickboxing workout in the home without the common problems associated with traditional bags.

Yes, it loses a lot when it comes to the impact training component but there is still much value to it for the fitness Workout.

This bag is definitely a piece of equipment that can help those looking for great Aerobic Training as well as support light intensity boxing or kickboxing bag work.

If you, like Nick Diaz and the vast majority of UFC fighters, take your Cardio Workout to heart, you will benefit greatly from the Wavemaster Cardio Bag and will certainly find that with regular use in your training program it will certainly pump your game up to the next level.

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