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Venum Fight Short Company
was started by Brazilian BJJ competitors in 2006.

However the brand remained unnoticed in the U.S. and worldwide until recently when the MMA (mixed martial arts) community started to take note of the brand and its quality in the very rugged environment that is the MMA fighting environment.

In fact, the clothing brand is nowadays so common in MMA fights that some have considered it the de facto standard in MMA apparel. Of course, that does not mean that it is not worn by persons in other fighter sports.

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Venum Fighters

Jerome Lebanner

Jeff Monson: Americas Top Team

Denis Kang

Xavier Foup A-Pokam

Karl Ammasou


Their MMA fight shorts in particular have received praise not only due to their quality of the material but the wide range of designs to choose from that would suit everyone from the conservative to the flamboyant fighter.


The clothes are hardy enough to withstand the pulling and tugging that takes place during the fight but the hoodies, vests, jackets and tracks are trendy enough to fit comfortably within anyone's casual clothes wardrobe.


Wearers of the brand are some of the most loyal people you will find when it comes to loyalty to a clothing line. And it is probably this customer loyalty where loyalists are the foremost proponents of the brand that has seen Venum make great strides into the market.

Today, these shorts are considered a strong statement of a fighter's passion for the sport. Many of the best MMA fighters around wear them religiously. And it is not surprising. They are good quality and they last. Plus they look cool.

Passion for MMA

Other than technique and superior skill exhibited by the fighters in sports such as mixed martial arts, there is the glamor, the spirit of competition and the heart for the game.

They have been meticulous in making sure the brand strays true to these characteristics that are at the core of MMA bouts.

As suitable as the brand is for the fighters, sportswear manufacturers are today alive to the fact that sportswear today is not just for athletes. Sportswear is part of casual wear for all types of fighters and spectators.


This is why it has been at the forefront of ensuring that there is apparel for people that might not necessarily be MMA fighters, but that want to associate with the MMA discipline.

Fans of MMA sport this MMA brand as a way of identifying with the sport.

Nothing better proves the quality of a brand than when it is placed side by side with competing brands. There has been little doubt as to where it fares against other MMA attire brands - that is, this brand takes the lead by a mile.

Being the most respected brand among MMA fighters does not come from manufacturing attire that is average or does not make the grade - it takes a commitment to quality, continuous improvement and the use of the latest techniques in manufacturing.

On all the relevant scores, it is clear that they have done their homework in ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition. There is no other way to get and maintain such a loyal customer base.

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