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UFC Weighted leg Sleeves

weighted leg sleeves


UFC Weighted leg Sleeves
UFC® Weighted Legs 2.5lb

UFC Weighted leg Sleeves
UFC Official MMA 2.5 LB Weighted Shin Sleeves Black Large/X-Large

Leg strength goes a long way in MMA. In order to land great kicks and score more takedowns, you will need to work on your leg strength. Developing strong leg muscles will put you on top of the game. You will be more effective in your sprawls, have more success in your stand ups and ultimately, you will win more matches.

I found a great way to increase my leg strength and quickly too. It's simple and affordable too! I just slip on a pair of Weighted leg Sleeves and go about my training. My workout is maximized by the extra weight.

Adding resistance to your workout increases your leg strength and muscle stamina. It is commonly known as strength training and uses a resistance or opposition to the force of muscular contractions to build strength in a specific area of leg muscles.

Knowing all too well the importance of not overdoing any form of training or doing it incorrectly and causing injury to myself and others, I put ergonomics into action once I purchased a Weighted leg Sleeve. Ergonomics is a fancy word for the scientific discipline of understanding interactions with equipment, such as training gear such as Weighted leg Sleeves. Proper ergonomics will prevent repetative strain injuries that develope over time, often ending in long-term disability. Of course it can protect from immediate injury as well.

With safety in mind, I was skeptical of the amount of weight I would be adding but once I shopped around, I found 2.5 lbs. per leg to be the ideal weight. This added just enough weight to boost my workout and increase my strength but not so much I would injure myself. Of course, the leg Weights are only worn on induvidual workouts, not when sparring with an opponent.

I wore them when practicing kicks as well as when doing leg lifts and other leg focused exercises. Right away, I could tell my leg muscles were getting stronger and more defined.

In my opinion, the best of the best is the UFC Weighted leg Sleeves. UFC is a very established company that has become the standard in MMA gear. I rely on the UFC brand for quality and have been able to find these Weighted leg Sleeves at the best price available.

In addition to being great quality, they are convenient as well. The sleeves pull on over the leg and have top and bottom adjustments so they fit securely and comfortably too.

They are available in small/medium/large/and extra large and come in black with red.

If you want to add that extra edge to your training to get the most out of it and build strong leg muscles, the Weighted leg Guard is for you!

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