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UFC Weighted forearm Sleeves

UFC Official MMA 1.5LB Weighted Forearm Sleeves

If you are looking to maximize your strength and endurance program, here's a product you will love. Weighted Forearm Sleeves pull on over the arms just like sleeves, as the name implies and offer a whole new dimension to your workout.

I was skeptical of these at first. I didn't want to strain my arms which would be a set-back to my training rather than a step-up! But when I learned the weight was only 1.5 lbs. per arm, I was willing to try them and I am so glad I did.

Of course weights of any kind are NOT to be used while sparring with a real opponent. I used them while practicing specific strikes on the heavy bag and I was amazed how much I gained power in my punches in such a short time. It really did maximize my workout.

The Weighted Forearm Sleeve acts much the same as a weighted vest but is closer to the source you are wanting the strength, your arm. Actually, the Forearm Sleeve is safer than wrist weights because it is less of a danger to the elbow and does not have the added biceps and triceps strain.

These Sleeves are very ergonomical. So what is ergonomical? Ergonomics is the science of designing user interaction with equipment and workplaces to fit the user and is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries which can put your training on hold or even debilitate it forever.

When deciding on what brand of Weighted Sleeves I would purchase, there was no question it would be the UFC brand. UFC is a name I trust and have never been disappointed and wasn't this time around either.

They are well made as are all UFC products and the price was not bad at all.

The sleeves are constructed with neoprene sleeves. Neoprene is a product that stems from the same family as rubber. It has a good stability and is flexible as well. Wetsuits are made for a type of neoprene if that tells you how flexible and stable these are.

There are top and bottom adjustments on the Weighted Sleeve to allow for a comfortable fit. They are available in small/medium and large/extra large and come in basic black.

If you want to develop more power in your punch and put a new twist on your training program, UFC Weighted Sleeves are a hit in my book!

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