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1. One of the fighters of the UFC Fights event posted a photo contest on his website. One of the requirements was that the person entering had to hold up a piece of paper in the photo. Who was the fighter, what was the contest and what did the paper have to say?

(ANSWER: The fighter was Nate Marquardt and it was a Halloween contest for best costume. The paper had to read "NateMarquardt.com".)

2. What was the first and only other UFC to be held iin Germany?

(ANSWER: UFC 99: Franklin Vs Silva)

3. At the first and only other UFC event held in Germany, one fight became infamous for being so bloody and gruesome it lead to much anti-MMA outbursts in the country. Who were the fighters in that fight?

(ANSWER: Heavyweights Denis Stojnic and Stefan Struve.)

4. Heavyweight fighter Yushin Okami was set to fight Anderson Silva in UFC 90. Why did he not?

(ANSWER: Okami had a broken hand.)

5. Middleweight Jorge Rivera was supposed to face off with Alessio Sakara in UFC Fights but an illness forced Sakara to back out. Jorge had his jaw broken via an uppercut in UFC 67: All or NothingUFC Fights. Who broke it?

(ANSWER: Terry Martin.)

ufc fights

1. Which contender has a degree in Criminal Justice?

(Answer: Josh Koscheck)

2. Stefan Struve will fight Sean McCorkle in the Heavyweight division. What UFC fight is Struve most known for and why?

(Answer: UFC 99 held in Cologne, Germany in 2009 where he faced off with Denis Stojnic for one of the bloodiest fights ever. The bout was so gruesome, in fact, Germany has banned both minors and television coverage from UFC events.)

3. Georges St.- Pierre, Welterweight contender, fought in Canada at the Bell Centre in Canada before. What UFC was it and what reason did he site for his loss?

(Answer: UFC 83 and he blamed his loss on personal issues as his father was very sick and his 17 year old cousin was killed in a car wreck shortly before the fight.)

ufc 126

UFC 126 was held on February 5 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

It was the UFC's annual blockbuster Super Bowl week-end event that, keeping to tradition, took place on the eve of the NFL Super Bowl.

For the Middleweight Championship bout, on the Main Card, Anderson Silva went up against Vitor Belfort to defend his title and defend his title he did. Three minutes and twenty-five seconds into the first round, Silva won via KO (front kick and punches) and Knockout of the Night as well.

In the Light Heavyweight division, Forrest Griffin faced off with Rich Franklinand defeated him by unanimous decision.

Jon Jones and Ryan Bader had it out in the Light Heavyweight category with Jon taking the bout via submission by guillotine choke in the second round.

The Welterweight fight was between Jake Ellenberger and Carlos Eduardo Rocha with Ellenberger winning by split decision.
ufc 126

Miguel Torres won against Antonio Banuelos for the Bantamweight division.

UFC 126 was the ninth consecutive event that the UFC has hosted on Super Bowl week-end. Out of the past eight such events, seven have taken place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

2. Stefan Struve will fight Sean McCorkle in the Heavyweight division. What UFC fight is Struve most known for and why?

(Answer: UFC 99 held in Cologne, Germany in 2009 where he faced off with Denis Stojnic for one of the bloodiest fights ever. The bout was so gruesome, in fact, Germany has banned both minors and television coverage from UFC events.)

3. Georges St.- Pierre, Welterweight contender, fought in Canada at the Bell Centre in Canada before. What UFC was it and what reason did he site for his loss?

(Answer: UFC 83 and he blamed his loss on personal issues as his father was very sick and his 17 year old cousin was killed in a car wreck shortly before the fight.)

ufc UFC Fight For The Troops

On Janurary 22, 2011 the UFC hosted UFC Fight For The Troops 2 at Fort Hood in Kileen, Texas. Also referred to as UFC Fight Night 23, the mixed martial arts event was the third of it's kind, put on by the UFC in cooperation with a military base.

Lightweight contenders Cole Miller and Matt Winman who were orginally set to fight at UFC 125 faced off at the event.

Jens Pulvers team member Miller, who was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter 5 which featured Lightweight fighters, came across as timid and certainly did not fight a good fight. Judging from a knee brace he sported later, it is speculated that he was injured. On the other hand, Winman, who was also on the Ultimate Fighter 5 on the B.J. Penn team, came on strong from the get go and never let up. He won the bout with flying colors.

Also fighting in the Lightweight division were Evan Durham and Melvin Guillard . Durham hails from Las Vegas and is ranked the ninth best Lightweight fighter by Sherdog. Guillard was an Ultimate Fighter 2 contender. Aside from a brief show of power on the ground by Dunham, Guillard dominated the fight with knees and punches, impressing the fans and himself as well and ultimately winning the fight.

Former NFL football player, Matt Mitrione, took on former Heavyweight Champion of King of the Cage, Tim Hague, in one of the main card Heavyweight bouts.

Mitione layed on some heavy punches and won hands down. He stated with that win under his belt, he would like to go up against Antonio Nogueira.

American Super Heavyweight Kickboxer Pat Barry took on Mexicutioner. Joey Beltran in the Heavyweight division. Beltran repetitively held Beltran against the cage but could not damage him before the referee separated the two. Barry layed on some heavy kicks that left Beltrans legs black and blue. Beltran returned with some dirty boxing. All said and done, it was a close call but Barry won the decision.

Fighting in the Featherweight section was Canadian Mark Hominick and Rage in the Cage Featherweight Champ, George Roop. Roop showed some tenacity for being the underdog but Hominick managed to hold his spot for the title shot of UFC Featherweight Champion against current title holder and fourth and final WEC Featherweight Champ,

The event benefited the men and women in the Armed Forces who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.



Anderson SilvaStephan Bonnar

UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar is right around the corner. On October 13 the two will face off in the Light Heavyweight division. The event, which is to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a strange one indeed. With Anderson Silva ridculously favored to win at 93 percent to 6 percent Bonnar, the fight is one of the most lopsided main event fights in history.

In addition to the absurd odds, the fight will be one of only 3 rounds rather than the traditional 5.

So why watch the fight?

What could it possibly have to offer?

With Silva with a record of 32-4, having never lost in the UFC octagon, and Bonnar standing at 14-7, the match is being criticized by many.

Afterall, Silva, the current UFC Middleweight Champion, holds the record of the longest reigning champion ever in the UFC and holds the longest winning and title defense streak in UFC history. UFC President, Dana White, has said that Silva is "the greatest mixed martial artist ever."

Bonnar, on the other hand, is not the longest reigning champ and in fact, is not UFC Champion at all. Neither has he been called the greatest mixed martial artist of all times, at least not by Dana White.

So why watch UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar? Why bother? Although the cards do not quite stack up and the odds are definately in Silva's favor, if Bonnar does win, the fight will go down in history along with other upsets like in 2007 at Pride 33 when Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou upset heavy favorite Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

What about when Matt Serra, by far the underdog, defeated Georges St-Pierre by knockout in UFC 69, shocking the fans and even the UFC powers that be.

In 2010, B.J. Penn was widly favored to win over Frankie Edgar but certainly did not. For his accomplishment, Edgar was nominated for for Best Upset of the Year.

Without a doubt, it the best fights are those that are upsets where in a surprise burst of immortality, the underdog transforms to super hero or where the favored shoe-in suddenly just caves in. It's the unexpected turn of events that takes a good fight to the next level, making it a great fight that is talked about throughout the years

Bonnar does have a fighting chance. Stephan "The American Psycho" Bonnar has been on a 3 fight winning streak and has the reputation of never giving up. That's not to say he has not lost. But, he has never given up. He has never been submitted, never been knocked out. Bonnar's losses have been due to TKO by way of cuts.

In addition to his determination, Bonnar deserves some credit to his losses in that they were to top fighters like Jon Jones, Forrest Griffin, Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans.

Having trained under Carlson Gracie, Bonnar will fight whoever he is put in the ring with and will give them a round for their money regardless of what his odds are. He has a nice fan following and is one of those fighters you just want to root for and maybe just maybe he will go down as causing one of the biggest upsets in UFC history.

And besides, Silva has just taken a risky weight class change. Although he is the pound-per-pound best UFC fighter in the world, according to many, this switch in classes from Middleweight to Light Heavyweight could prove to be a disaster.

In 2010 it was rumored that Silva was wanting to change weights, going as high as Heavyweight and as low as Welterweight but the speculations came to and end when Silva set the record straight, "If you want to beat me up, make weight and come fight me in my category, my division,".

It was Silva that proved to be contradictory, however. The upcoming fight will be his first since the weight class change and some are wondering if he will eat his words.

The reasons are clear as to why you should watch UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar. Both Silva and Bonnar are worth watching at any given event, be it lopsided or not and there are other great fights set for the event as well. Besides, if you don't watch it, you just may end up wishing you did.


ufc fight for the tropps
ufc fight for the tropps

1. UFC Fight for the Troops 1 was an event held on December 10, 2008 to help raise money for fallen soldiers and their families.

How many fighters were injured during the event?

(answer: Six. Corey Hill, Razak Al-Hassan, Brandon Wolf, Jonathan Goulet, Nate Loughran and Yoshiyuki Yosida were all hosipitalized for injuries sustained during their fights that night.)

2. In Fight for the Troops 1, how much money did Josh Koscheck win for Knock Out of the Night?

(answer: $30,000)

3. In Fight for the Troops 2, Former NFL football player, Matt Mitrione fought in the Heavyweight division. What is his nickname?

answer: (Meathead.)

question-mark 1. What UFC contender was shot and killed on Christmas of 2008?

ANSWER: Justin Eilers was shot on December 25, 2008 during a dispute with his stepfather at his mother's house. His stepfather was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Eilers was survived by an 8 year-old son.


2. What MMA fighter shares a part of his name with Frosty?

ANSWER: Jeffrey William Monson, aka "The Snowman", is an American Mixed Martial Artist from Olympia, Washington. He has won the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship twice, and is a No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion as well.

Monson is nicknamed "The Snowman" because at the 1999 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championshi he can in virtually unknown and kept rolling, getting bigger and stronger as the tournament rolled on, beating four Brazillians in a row and winning the 88-89 kilogram weight class. Thus, the Brazillian fighters at the tournament gave him the nickname.

The "Snowman" currently holds the Heavyweight , International Sport Karate Association Championship title and the Strength & Honor Championship title as well. He is with the American Top Team.

What MMA Fighter gets baked?

ANSWER: Lightweight fighter Kory "The Gingerbread Man" Gibson hails from Austrailia and is 5 for 5! Although Gibson only weighs in at a whopping 154 lbs., he is one tough cookie!



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