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Rash Guards for MMA

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What athletes are saying:

  • I am rough on it and it holds up
  • I like the fit
  • It is as tough as my gi for BJJ

rash guard

rash guard
UFC Classic Short Sleeve Rash Guard [Black]

rash guard
UFC Classic Short Sleeve Rash Guard [Red]

rash guard
UFC Classic Long Sleeve Rash Guard [Red]

rash guard
UFC AIM Long Sleeve Compression Top

This rash guard is a shirt that does the job.

When grappling you'll need a rash guard to avoid mat burns and sticking to the mat. It makes grappling a lot easier on you and more enjoyable.

The UFC apparel Rash Guard is a top choice of mine. All the reviews on this shirt have been great.

This UFC apparel rash guard has raglan sleeves and flat stitching. It has the UFC logo. As with all UFC products it is an excellent buy. We have found it holds up for a long time and through some tough sessions.

This grappling shirt comes in short or long sleeves.

Is it worth the hype? Rant or rave about the UFC Rash Guard.

Rash guards are no longer for surfing.

They have found their way into MMA training. This should not come as much of a surprise.

Many of the current MMA fight wear that is popular is originally derived from the surfing world. Part of the reason for this is that the modern MMA movement gained a lot of its early traction in Southern California.

And, of course, Southern California is known for its long and rich tradition for surfing. The rash guard serves a functional purpose in surfing and that purpose finds its way to MMA. This leads to safer and more comfortable training as a result.

So, what exactly does a rash guard do?

Basically, it serves two purposes. The first is that the fabric used to create a rash guard (usually nylon and spandex although the more expensive lycra is used as well) is designed to absorb water.

Or, more accurately, in this case it would be designed to absorb sweat. The second purpose - as the name implies - is to prevent rashes which would be common due to the presence of excess sweat on the skin.

The sweat will be absorbed directly into the shirt where it will not cause rashes, discomfort, or other problems. It also makes for a more hygienic training environment.

And speaking of the training environment...

You really do not want to train without a shirt when in the gym. This really is not appropriate so a rash guard becomes a much better selection.

The extremely tight fit of a rash guard is not unlike grappling without a shirt which is why it remains an excellent choice for those wishing to avoid training with a loose or baggy shirt since this could skew the grappling experience.

Since you would not be wearing anything so loose in competition, it would be best not to use it in training.

A rash guard known for its ability to retain heat can be a positive or negative depending upon your personal preferences. The key here is learning whether or not the particular rash guard you are considering does one or the other. UFC Apparel is one place to find a good one. Plus it just looks cool.

Some may find the notion of heat retention to be problematic for long training sessions while others do not.

Quality Rash Guard

The key to choosing a quality rash guard entails selecting one that fits snug and comfortable. It also does not hurt to purchase a decent looking rash guard since appearances are good to maintain.

Top companies that product rash guards include UFC apparel, Tapout, HCK, Sinister, among others and as long as you stick with a top name that has a track record for quality, you can't go wrong.

Wearing a rash guard in an actual MMA competition is rare. However, some have done so and performed quite well. The decision to do so will be up to the individual competitor. In terms of training in the gym, it is near unanimous that wearing a rash guard is a wise move that can improve training comfort significantly.

The pros wear it, but what do you think?

Does the UFC rash guard live up to it's popular name?

Find out what others say. Or better yet, tell us what you think of the UFC rash guard.

Here's your chance to rant or rave!

Does the UFC rash guard live up to it's name? Tell us what you think.

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