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Top Contender Gloves have grown quite popular among those that wish to purchase a decent and inexpensive pair of MMA training gloves. Personally, I remember when MMA gloves were first released for sale to the public. The gloves were $50 and, quite honestly, they were worth the price. So are the many $50 MMA gloves available on the market.

However, some of us are on a budget and for part-time MMA training or even full time training in the gym, a $50 pair of gloves is just too expensive.

For $19.95, you can purchase a decent pair of Contender Gloves which are quite excellent for grappling and striking. Those looking for a good pair of MMA gloves would probably want to look into what Top Contender has to offer.


The design of the gloves is quite excellent. They are durable gloves that will withstand a number of training sessions. They will not wear down after a few uses and they do provide adequate protection for the hands when striking. In grappling sessions, the gloves provide enough dexterity that you can maneuver your hand as needed for grappling effectively.


The gloves come in two sizes: junior and large. Large is clearly designed for adults and people of medium weight or heavier. Junior is a little confusing because it infers someone who is a youth should wear the gloves.

Well, that is true in the sense that a youth would need smaller gloves due to size issues. However, anyone that is in a lightweight category or has a light frame would probably benefit from using junior size gloves. Of course, lighter fighters can also wear heavy gloves as a means to boosting their cardio when they work out.

Really, the type of gloves your purchase will be based on your own needs. However, it is vital that you purchase gloves that fit properly. You never want gloves that are too big or too small. Trust me, the wrong size gloves will undermine a workout and could prove dangerous to wear.


That said, Top Contender Gloves are not on the same quality level of the top name produced by names in the industry that provide gloves to the pros. Then again, the gloves are not intended for ring competition and are designed more for training. That is not a knock at the gloves as much as a clear definition as to what their purpose is.

Personally, I am a huge fan of these gloves. However, if I were not able to purchase these gloves due to lack of availability, I would probably stick with a higher grade version of the Century MMA gloves.

I would call Century's gloves comparable for training session gloves but not for competition. For competition, I would stick with a UFC brand MMA glove. But, really, most gloves on the market are of decent quality and worth purchasing.

So, take my word for it, purchasing Top Contender Gloves is a wise move for those looking for inexpensive gloves that are still of a high level of quality. Consider them for your next purchase.

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