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MMA lovers everywhere are tapping in to TapouT. The “apparel with attitude” is sweeping the nation by a storm!

Watch the UFC, The Ultimate Fighter or almost any MMA match and you see TapouT apparel.

What is so special about TapouT? It is rebellious and in your face. Not only did they come up with one cool logo, the designers are fantastic.

tapout TapouT is highly sought after.come

TapouT shirts come in a variety of flavors. We've got the low down at our TapouT shirts page.

Energetic, expressive and slightly rebellious, the clothing line continues to gain in popularity across the globe as the sport itself has more fans now than ever before.

With such famous names gracing the labels such as Chuck Liddell, Royce Gracie, Kimbo Slice and Forest Griffin, TapouT apparel is a way for MMA fans to show off their passion for the sport.

And it's all done...with attitude! tapout It all began with the introduction of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in 1993. The tournament was the first of it's kind and consisted of eight men. Each were allowed to use their own preferred form of Martial Art in the competition.

The tournament had no rules, no time limits and no weight classes. They were fight-to-the finish events that became wildly popular thus sparking the innovative idea of a reality show as well as a clothing line, TapouT.

The show followed MMA fighters in their quest to be the best. It debuted in June of 2007 on a show called Versus but quickly earned it's own spot as a weekly reality series.

The TapouT crew, Mask (Charles Lewis, Jr.), Punkass (Dan Caldwell) and SkySkrape (Tim Katz) followed one fighter each week, scouting for fighters to sponsor in the TapouT line.

Each show ended in an MMA competition fight featuring the contestant of the week.

Though Mask was killed in a car wreck in March of 2009 and the show is no longer on television, TapouT apparel and gear remains hugely popular and appears to be unstoppable.

Products include t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, wallets,belts, belt buckles,

shorts, shoes, beanies, hats and decals as well as nutritional products.

There are about 20,000 retail stores worldwide as well as countless online stores and grosses over one hundred million dollars a year. The line is available in men, women and children styles and sizes.

It is one of the few brands that is directly related to MMA and is now the exclusive clothing and apparel sponsor for the Ultimate Fighter reality show through 2011.

TapouT apparel has a magazine as well. It comes out bi-monthly and features MMA news articles, interviews with the greats as well as the up-and -comings and special interest features concerning the sport. TapouT is the number one mixed martial arts magazine in the world.

In December of 2008, the TapouT empire signed with TapouT Accessories Group in order to expand the product line.

“We are extremely excited to be working with TapouT in the further development and expansion of their accessory program," said Sandy Schonwald, CEO of TapouT Accessory Group, Inc.

"We envision a comprehensive line of unique and inspiring TapouT branded accessories that appeals to both the dedicated TapouT follower, as well as the broader sport-minded consumer base."

TapouT Accessories Group is the combination of two leaders in the fashion industry, Aquarius Ltd. and Putnam Sourcing Group. Sales and full service sourcing offices are located in St. Louis, Mo., New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

But TapouT going global has not thrilled all it's fans. The once exclusive almost cult-like, underground clothing and apparel line can now be found on the shelves of stores such as Sports Authority, Foot Locker and even Ross Department Stores.

Despite the murmuring of the disgruntled, TapouT has committed to supply the demand of the mainstream MMA market by making the line not only bigger but more available and affordable.

Where will it go from here? With the company's vision and focus coupled with the ever growing popularity of MMA, there seems to be no limits on the success of TapouT.

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