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Who is Dickie White?

Well above you can see one of his fighters, Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCrory weighing for a UFC fight. So he is no joke.

For some, the word "legend" would be appropriate. He is truly an innovative and brilliant strength coach that has the potential and ability to boost performance in MMA bouts.

And yes, it is vital to expand your strength and conditioning potential when seeking to perform in a MMA bout.

MMA and Strength

At one time, people assumed that you did not need to develop strength for MMA.

Today, we realize that this is not a wise approach to take when looking to succeed in MMA training.

No, you do not want to muscle your way through a technique. That would be an improper approach to using strength.

However, developing your natural level of strength and enhancing the durability of your body in your performance.

How do you develop strength?

Of course, this will raise questions regarding how you can develop your level of strength. More specifically, you will want to take part in a strength workout program that is designed for mixed martial arts fighting.

There are various different types of strength training workout programs you would take part in.

But, some of those programs are designed for athletic endeavors far removed from MMA. This is not to say you would not achieve some indirect benefit.

However, if you want to get the most out of boosting your strength for MMA, you need to follow the proper, established process that is directly involved with boosting MMA performance potential.

shamrock Dickie White Strategies

This is where following the strategies of Dickie White come into play. His work and insights are well worth exploring if you want to get the most out of your strength enhancement ventures.


A look at Dickie White's background presents a clear indication that he is not a ‘gimmick' oriented exercise guru. White graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Clinical Exercise Science.

Through a mix of practical experience and academic research, White developed his own insights into the proper way to teach strength and conditioning.

White also acquired a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from Binghamton University which helped him well in his business dealings.

He would go on to become the co-owner of the Ironworks Gym where he invested a great deal of time training grapplers and MMA fighters.

This certainly raised his profile in the MMA world and has led many serious fighters to looking for his advice on boosting there in ring/cage performance.

Shamrock Strength and Conditioning

White would go onto become the co-founder of Shamrock Strength and Conditioning, LLC which remains one of the most impactful strength training programs.

It is commonly stated that this strength training program is designed for traditional wrestling but is also has a great deal of value for those looking to perform well in the MMA realm.

This is because the strength and conditioning exercises employed in this training program are sport and activity specific. The notion that the workouts are activity specific is not something to overlook.

When you are targeting activity specific workouts, you boost your strength levels as they are needed within the framework of a MMA training regiment.

Workout Program

A cursory examination of the workout program reveals a total body strength conditioning program. The common strength exercises involve the engagement of compound muscles.

Exercises such as military presses, bench presses, power cleans, etc are used in these workout exercises. When you engage the various muscles groups via the compound exercises, you develop a more total body, symmetrical approach to strength training.

This will reduce the potential to be lagging in strength in certain parts of the body. Since MMA is a total body sport, having symmetrical strength is critically important.

The Dickie White program can certainly aid as supplemental support to your overall MMA training program. Take a look at some of the training.

Low Reps

The program also employs very low reps. This is common among all pure strength training programs. With this particular training program, extremely heavy weight is lifted for as little as two reps.

While this may seem ‘minimalist,' the fact remains that your overall strength will improve dramatically in as little as handful of weeks.

If you need to develop pure strength, this is the way to go. If you already have strength and need more cardio I'd look to another program that is not so strength heavy. This one is geared to make your strong.


Many of the programs follow a 9 week cycle. Throughout the course of the 9 week period, specific targeted goals to boost strength are identified and sought.

Such a focused approach is often the best because open ended strength training never deliver the clear outcome that one would wish to gain.

Is 9 weeks enough to experience great strength gains?

As long as the program is a wise and logical one, it will certainly deliver results.

Dickie White has definitely devised a brilliant and logical training program. Those looking to see great gains in their strength levels would certainly be wise to look towards what White has to offer.

Bottom Line

If you want to develop strength on a professional level, this is the program for you. If you want program that focuses on other areas just head back to our MMA training page and see what other programs have to offer.

If strength is your agenda however go to Shamrock Strength and Conditioning to see even more videos and get more specific information on how to get strength for MMA.

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