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Sprawl MMA Shorts "Fusion II S Series"

Sprawl MMA Shorts "Fusion S Series"

SPRAWL Fusion II Fight Shorts

Sprawl V-Flex XT - Split Seam Black

Sprawl Fusion Short

Sprawl Fusion Men's Fight Shorts, 38, WH/BK/UR

Sprawl MMA Shorts "Fusion S Series"

Sprawl MMA Shorts "Fusion II S Series"

Sprawl MMA Shorts "Fusion S Series"

Sprawl Fusion Stretch MMA Fight Shorts - Black/UrbanCamo/White

MMA Fight Shorts - Fusion II Stretch Series WHITEBLACKGRAY 40

Sprawl Fusion II Stretch Series Black-White

Welcome to "Sprawl."

This is one awesome short. Hey... when a company advertises sweat and blood resistant it has to be good!

When I first started selling these I had a problem. They never had them in stock. They would sell so fast and I would soon be sold out.

Though I do not directly sell anymore I'd like to tell you what I think of these shorts as a martial artist. sprawl I like things loose.

If you like the tighter fitting shorts this is not the short for you. They introduced their loose fit shorts in 2002.

They are especially made for grapplers and cater to special features that grapplers will like.

And they have the names to back their claims:

sprawl Forrest Griffin,

Matt Serra,

Kenny Florian,

Diego Sanchez,

Josh Koscheck,

sprawl Mike Swick,

Joe Lauzon,

Joe Stevenson,

Nate Quarry,

Rob McCullough,

Cung Le and many others.

Tell us what you think of Sprawl and find out what others say as well!.



sprawl They wanted to go for a board short in the beginning. But it was too low cut and didn't stay up as well.

Shorts came untied and they were heavy and gave something for the opponent to hang on too. Not good in MMA!

The creators wanted something other than Spandex. While some MMA fighters still opt for Spandex, you have to admit these are much cooler!

The shorts took off! Now they have hit the big time and are seen in UFC bouts and on UFC fighters.

The creators cut down the shorts as well. Nothing extra was on there.

They wanted nothing for your opponent to hang on to. They also moved the attachment point to the side for comfort in the guard and the mount.

In the 5th generation fight short they come up with the ‘grip-zones’. They also added 4 way stretch. And then in the 6th generation short...blood and sweat resistance!

To find out about all these shorts and were to find the rarely discounted shorts see our page on MMA Shorts.

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sprawl How do they compare to other shorts? Well, since they are the original loose fit short and they have stayed on top by continuing to revise the shorts through 5 different upgrades, I'd say they fare well.

There are some other good shorts such as TapouT and Bad Boy who have come along and made a similar short. Sprawl has a great line of shorts, but I'd give it a 5 and Century shorts a 3 of 5.

They are clearly better made and a specialty short. Century shorts would be good practice shorts for a good price. Then you could use Sprawl for competitions. Revgear has entered the market but I'd consider their shorts about like Century.


sprawl Not only do they carry a quality tough short, but also a rash guard, shirts, beanies and tees.

They have some unique things they bring to the table in their hoodies and performance tees.

See what else Sprawl offers and find discount prices at our MMA Clothing Page.

These guys clearly know how to do MMA right. They are always making clothes and gear better. That is shown by how they have revised their top shorts 6 times!

Now that is a good company in my opinion.

There is one more place to check out. At Fighter Warehouse they have a bag. Though they do not carry any more of this brand it is free shipping so it is worth the deal.


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