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Sinister: A Top Brand

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Those that are new practitioners to the world of mixed martial arts may not be aware that, at one time, the choices for gym and training wear were extremely limited.

Basically, practitioners and competitors either had to choose from a very limited pool of fight wear or they had to "import" clothes from biking and surfing circles.

But now I have seen the brands explode, make good competition and raise the quality of a lot of brands.

Today, there is not only more choices, there are scores of excellent brands producing brilliant fight wear needed for training and competition.

This Brand Clothing would definitely fall into the category of the top brands to wear.



The clothing they produce for mixed martial arts is relatively new. Although the clothing may be new, it is still quite valuable in terms of both its visual appearance and its durability.

In other words, when you don the shirts and shorts produced under the Sinister Brand moniker, you can feel quite positive that the clothes are built to last.

They can handle many different fight scenarios and, best of all, you can look good when out on the mat or in the ring.


What makes the Brand so unique is the fact that it connects itself to a certain outlook on life. Some may say that the psychological facet to this brand is the "tough guy, alternative image" that it presents can have a great impact on grappling or MMA performers.

Certainly, wearing such clothing can do a lot towards making you want to get off the couch and go train!


The slogan of this clothing line is "Identify Control Conquer" and that could certainly be a gladiator like rallying cry for those that will to put forth a tough guy image.

And really, what fighter does not want to present a tough guy image?

Who is wearing It?

chuck l Several well known tough guys and active MMA competitors such as Fabricio 'Morango' Camoes have been known to wear the apparel in the Sinister Clothing line.

But the most prominent is Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell.

Consider this to be a solid endorsement of the quality of the product. This quality is present both on and off the mat making the Brand one of the best in a very crowded industry.

Adding to the appeal of the Sinister Brand clothing line would be the fact that it is based out of Southern California. Some may wonder why the geographic location plays a role in the value of the clothing line.

The reason is that Southern California remains the top training ground for mixed martial arts fighting. Yes, other states have their own circuit but it is the Southern California area that perennially draws the most attention.

As such, a clothing line born of the SoCal heritage can truly tap into the spirit of MMA fighting. And it allows you to tap into such a spirit while looking good, too!

Those that enjoy spending time in the gym looking to train for extended sessions will need fight wear that is both durable and fashionable. This Brand clothing certainly falls into this category which is why it remains worth considering to purchase.

Identify Control Conquer

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